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Azure Solution Engineer-L3 Support

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
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May 5

Job Description

I. Installations, Re-Installations, and Configurations 

  • Installations, Re-Installations and Configurations of Application, related components & tools, azure components, and services.

II. Azure DevOps Setup

  • Setting up Azure DevOps, CI/CI, Pipeline, Services.

III. Application Extension

  • Extending of application to new units.

IV. Master Data Management

  • Master data management at Super Admin level through screens and SQL Scripting.

V. Deployments

  • Deployments of application components based on deployment platform.

VI. Code Change

  • Code change (UI, Backend, Services etc.) for bug fixing.

VII. Features Enhancements

  • Features/screens enhancements.

VIII. Coordination

  • Coordination with backend Team i.e. DOC/SOC/NOC etc.

IX. Development

  • Development of Major/Minor functionalities.

X. IT Service Management

  • IT Service Management, governance & Change request management.

XI. Adherence to Timelines

  • Adherence to timelines and deliverables.

XII. Tickets/Incident Reduction

  • Ensuring Tickets/Incident reduction month on month.

XIII. Patching

  • Application Server and related component patching.

XIV. Upgrading

  • Upgrading Application, related component, and libraries as per upgrade plan.

XV. Documentations

  • Documentations.

Mandatory Key Skills

  • Installation, re-installation, and configuration of applications, related components, tools, Azure components, and services.
  • Azure DevOps setup, CI/CD pipeline establishment, and service configuration.
  • Application extension to new units.
  • Master data management at Super Admin level via screens and SQL scripting.
  • Deployment of application components on deployment platforms.
  • Code change (UI, backend, services) for bug fixing.
  • Features/screens enhancements.
  • Coordination with backend teams (DOC/SOC/NOC).
  • Development of major/minor functionalities.
  • IT service management, governance, and change request management.
  • Adherence to timelines and deliverables.
  • Ticket/incident reduction month on month.
  • Application server and related component patching.
  • Upgrading applications, related components, and libraries as per upgrade plan.
  • Documentation skills.
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🔴 Closes on: 
May 5
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