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Director of Sales - Seattle, WA

Seattle, WA
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The purpose of this role is to develop, track, evaluate, manage, and share a contagious vision with the Sales Team that aligns with the organizational goals of Triton Technical. To support this purpose, this role will be involved in all aspects of the sales process which includes appropriation of staff as necessary, overseeing all sales processes, defining, and reporting objectives, resolving client challenges, ensuring clients and the sales relationship is well managed, and standard practices are developed and adhered to.

Position Summary & Responsibilities


Lead the Sale team through the development of department goals & objectives that align to the business objectives of Triton Technical. These goals will need to be measurable, reported on, and prove to enhance project management outcomes in sustainable ways.


The development of comprehensive sales strategies that consists or takes into consideration of the following elements: Client/Market Needs, Value Proposition, Targeting/Segmentation, Lead Generation/Tracking, Sales Process & Enablement, and Measurement.


Management of staff which includes annual reviews, timesheet review, scheduling, discipline, work priorities and effectiveness both during the day and through the development of defined objectives for the year.

Process & Procedure

Developing, evaluating, and managing pre-defined processes that will drive both the staff and services to meet defined objectives.

Sales Management & Reporting

Coordinate and manage staff and coordinate engineering resources to support effective and timely sales. The sales process, strategy and the integration with key stakeholders are managed in ways that ensure the sales team and processes are meeting objectives. The status and review of sales and opportunities will be reported in consistent and effective ways.

This position is primarily managerial & leadership focused (60%), direct sales (20%), and will also require a sales strategy background (20%) to ensure not only effective management of staff, but also an ability to support the types of sales of those services and systems Triton provides more effectively.

Essential Duties And Responsibilities


Oversee the execution of comprehensive sales strategies and methods, ensuring the sales focus is aligned with business priorities and defined target markets. Set realistic and achievable sales targets and objectives.

Team Leadership

Lead, motivate, and mentor a team of sales team members, providing guidance and support throughout the sales lifecycle to achieve their targets.

Performance Evaluation

Evaluate team performance, providing feedback and implementing development plans as needed.

Client Relationship Management

Build and maintain strong relationships with clients. Understand client needs and challenges to provide tailored solutions. Ensure high levels of customer satisfaction and retention supporting advocacy.

Collaboration with Other Departments

Work closely with the leadership team to align sales efforts with desired initiatives and defined markets. Collaborate with the technology engineering and operations teams to ensure seamless project delivery.

Sales Performance Analysis

Implement systems to track and analyze sales performance metrics. Regularly review and evaluate the effectiveness of sales strategies. Use data-driven insights to make informed decisions.

Networking and Relationship Management

Attend industry events, conferences, and networking functions. Explore and establish partnerships to enhance business opportunities and stay connected to customers and vendors.

Sales Management & Forecasting

Monitor and manage the sales budget effectively. Provide accurate sales forecasts and financial reports including sales funnels, forecasts, and additionally defined key performance indicators.

Additional Duties

  • Develop team to consistently deliver upon sales goals and the requirements of internal stakeholders.
  • Closely monitor and evaluate communication from the customer perspective
  • Ability to utilize exceptional problem-solving skills to work through sales and client relationship challenges
  • Communicate and follow-up with our worldwide customer base via phone and email in timeline and professional ways
  • Enable open, constant, and constructive dialogue - both intradepartmental and interdepartmental
  • Lead meetings for stakeholders and provide updates on progress and departmental status
  • Lead daily/weekly team meetings to inspire, coach and lead multiple teams
  • Consult with and support Project Management, Accounting, Logistics and Engineering team members to ensure the level of sales involvement and support meets expectations.
  • Compile and routinely deliver reports related to sales using Key Performance Indicators and sales forecasting models.
  • Isolate and identify areas for improvement 
  • Other duties as assigned...

Experience And Skills


A bachelor's or master's degree in a relevant field, such as business management/administration, marketing, or a related discipline.


Extensive experience in sales management, with a track record of successfully delivering upon sales goals. Prior experience in a leadership role is often required.

Communication Skills

Effective communication and interpersonal skills to effectively interact with stakeholders, executive level client representatives at all levels.

Analytical Skills

Strong analytical and problem-solving abilities to address complex challenges.


Demonstrated leadership skills with the ability to inspire and lead a team to achieve sales goals. Proven ability to lead both client and internal meetings to engage with clients and maintain high-quality work

Strategic Thinking

Strategic mindset with the ability to align sales efforts with overall business objectives. Proven ability to measure performance using appropriate tools, systems, and techniques


Flexibility to adapt to changing project requirements and business priorities.

Sales Systems & Process

Familiarity with sales system, process and strategies that facilitate efficient and effectives closing of sales. 

Negotiation Skills

Ability to negotiate and influence others to achieve project goals.

Personality Traits & Skills

  • Ability to work with and support multicultural clients and staff 
  • Ability to see beyond the current issues of the day, big picture thinker
  • Strategic in planning and management of time and resources
  • Explain technical issues and resolutions in an empathetic, patient, non-technical manner
  • Effectively prioritize tasks and project/personnel challenges in accordance to defined standards
  • Have a detail-oriented working style
  • Share knowledge with team members, superiors, and users
  • Apply knowledge to new situations
  • A tenacity for solving problems both for the short and long-term
  • Independence with a desire to learn
  • Ability to focus on results and outcomes


  • International travel (Passport Required)
  • 8+ Years working with and leading/managing a team with the ability to negotiate and influence others to achieve project goals
  • 8+ Years managing integration related sales teams and systems
  • 8+ Years of direct, contract and project sales experience
  • Valid Driving License

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