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IBMi and Intel PreSales Engineer - FS329

Massachusetts, United States
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Jun 8

IBMi and Intel PreSales Engineer – REMOTE 

Are you an IBMi and Intel expert? Can you create a presentation and deliver it to both a technical and executive audience? If so, we’d like to talk. 

We’re looking for an IBMi and Intel PreSales Engineer or Architect to support some of our largest clients and the sales organization. 

Some questions that a client might ask: 

  • Can you describe the differences between storage replication and logical replication on an IBMi? 
  • What networking topology would be needed to allow a client to seamlessly access two data center locations? 
  • What is the VMware technology needed to move a live VM from one system to another? 

This is a 100% remote position with limited travel requirements to visit a client or attend a conference. We will not be implementing a return to office policy. 

Although previous hands-on work is highly desired, this is not a hands-on role. 

This is a full-time salaried role with bonuses. No commission plan and no quota. 

Position Overview: 

We're looking for a Cloud PreSales Engineer to join our team. You'll work closely with both our internal teams and external stakeholders to assist clients in designing tailored cloud solutions, with specific emphasis on IBM i and Intel platforms. As a trusted advisor, you'll utilize your expertise and deep industry knowledge to address objections, create engaging presentations, and outline solutions that precisely align with customer needs. 

Key Responsibilities: 

  • Proactively assess strategic solutions and trends to address changing customer requirements. 
  • Map out solutions in a customer-facing capacity, leveraging your deep knowledge of IBM i and Intel platforms and industry players. 
  • Support the sales team to meet financial objectives. 
  • Collaborate with key internal teams to deliver seamless client services. 
  • Identify and propose strategic solution designs and implementation services, with a focus on IBM Power, storage, and Intel technologies. 
  • Overcome objections and build presentations that effectively communicate the value of our cloud offerings. 
  • Manage complex projects, aligning client objectives with our solutions and offerings. 
  • Drive engagement by ensuring the quality of architectural solutions and sales proposals. 
  • Cultivate trusted advisor relationships by focusing on Client Experience. 


  • A strong background in the IBMi, Intel, and VMware marketplace. A college degree is preferred but not required. 
  • Expertise with Backup and Disaster recovery and managed services concepts is preferred. 
  • Knowledge of industry players and trends in the Cloud computing space. 
  • Demonstrated ability to take ownership and cultivate client relationships. 
  • Proven strategic thinking skills. 
  • Ability to align complex solutions with overarching business objectives. 

We are always looking for highly motivated, energetic, creative individuals who work well in a fast-moving team environment and are committed to excellence. 

WHY JOIN FRESCHE? We believe in leading our industry, we believe in innovation, we believe in delighting our customers, guaranteeing their success, and ensuring that 100% of our customers are referenceable. 

Our distinct company culture makes us a top employer, as well a premiere choice for our customers for the last ten (10) consecutive years. We work hard to ensure that our values permeate the company and are reflected in everything we do. Whether it be in setting priorities, defining ideas, or carrying out processes, we are committed to ensuring that the following values are manifested at all levels of our organization. 


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🔴 Closes on: 
Jun 8
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