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Chief of Staff

New York, NY
Jul 28, 2021
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Free Agency is a venture-backed startup bringing Hollywood-style career management to knowledge workers, starting with talent in tech. We provide concierge services and digital products that help people find incredible jobs, make more money, become high-performing leaders, and massively accelerate their trajectory. Unlike solutions in recruiting, we're entirely paid by the individual talent we work with, enabling us to provide them with dedicated Talent Agents that focus on their career outcomes. Their success becomes our success.

We've started our career revolution in the tech industry, helping mid-career to C-suite professionals find rewarding roles in product, engineering, marketing, design, and ops at top companies like Square, Drift, Roblox, Reddit, Notion, Netflix, Amazon, SpaceX, Peloton, and hundreds more. We're backed by top-tier venture capital firms like Resolute Ventures, Bloomberg Beta, and Ludlow Ventures, and work closely with talent partners across the startup ecosystem.

About the job:

The Chief of Staff job looks very different at different companies. Here at Free Agency, you will be a strategic and operational extension of the co-founder and CEO, with the goal of providing tremendous leverage and throughput into every part of the business. We have a Head of Executive Operations, and so your job will explicitly not include activities related to corporate operations or coordination.

You’ll focus less on explicitly prioritizing for the CEO, but instead contribute through thought partnership, follow up and follow through, external representation, strategic research, initiative development, and mission-critical project management. This might include work related to our core services, partnerships, marketing, customer acquisition, business operations, hiring, investor relationships, and systems development.

For those fascinated by the tech and startup world, this role is for you. You’ll get exposure to the founders, investors, operators, and talent building the future, and your day-to-day work will include collaborating with all of these parties to scale a category-defining startup. At the end of your time at Free Agency, you will be an incredibly capable operator, investor, and founder.

Initial projects might include:

  • Developing a Rolodex of founders, investors, and first-10 employees within the tech industry, enabling Free Agency to acquire top clients and send them to the most cutting edge companies.
  • Creating a process by which Free Agency can provide value to the people and partners it meets with on a daily basis, whether in service of a deal or in service of our reputation.
  • Landscaping the talent acquisition industry, identifying and qualifying agencies that might be ideal targets for small-dollar M&A or partnerships.

You will:

  • Join or represent the CEO in a variety of meetings, including internal strategy, external partnerships, and with other key contacts (candidates, customers, investors).
  • Manage and grow a large number of company contacts, driving consistency and volume in cold outreach, follow up, and follow through across email, presentations, and calls.
  • Provide feedback, both strategic and tactical, to the executive team and internal team members, being a keeper of the brand, mission, and extremely high standard of quality.
  • Research, synthesize, and deploy new initiatives of varying scale, from one-day operational changes to months-long market expansion roadmaps.
  • Implement new processes, systems, and programs to further provide leverage to yourself and the CEO through visibility, consistency, and throughput.
  • Become extraordinarily knowledgeable about tech, startups, the roles within, the talent building, and the investors behind the scenes, becoming a go-to source of information.
  • Document impact, including detailed data management, analytics, and reporting, as well as related attribution to team members and partners.
  • Develop new relationships through networking, including active brand presence within the tech and startup industry at events, conferences, dinners, and more.

You should:

  • Be an excellent communicator, helping sell the vision of Free Agency and making brand advocates out of any individual we interact with.
  • Have tremendous organizational skills and follow through, becoming a reliable method by which Free Agency keeps its word to a dizzying amount of recipients.
  • Be extremely action-oriented, capable of doing in one day what others would think is doable in a minimum of two weeks, even while maintaining a standard of work quality.
  • Have a thirst for knowledge about the tech and startup space, with a natural inclination toward keeping up with the latest trends and events.

You may want to know:

  • While we are currently working from home, Free Agency is in the process of finalizing a search for a new office. We believe that these early startup years are best spent in close proximity to maximize our odds of innovating, solving hard problems, and taking advantage of opportunities ahead. Further, our office selection is centered around locations that create room for a consistent event space and a dedicated co-working area for our clients & community. Once our new home is ready, this role will be 100% in-office.

Internally, you will:

  • Work closely with the co-founders, with a particular attachment to the CEO.

Quick hits:

  • Free Agency offers competitive pay, including equity, in addition to full coverage of health, dental, and vision insurance.
  • Free Agency’s _Refresher _program recognizes that our normal pace and effort is enabled by time off. Accordingly, we offer unlimited PTO (2 week minimum) plus 2 weeks off during the holidays.
  • Free Agency’s Boost program is how we invest in all careers, not just those of our clients. All employees receive a $2,000 professional development budget to spend on outside books, workshops, programs, coaches, courses, etc. to develop their skills and grow as leaders.
  • Core to our mission is expanding diversity & inclusion within tech. Similarly, we encourage candidates from underrepresented + nontraditional backgrounds to apply.
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