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PreSales Leadership Collective.

PreSales leaders today are at the forefront of enabling teams that own some of the most critical aspects of a sales cycle. As technology progresses, roles and responsibilities evolve, customer expectations change, and more importantly, times challenge the way we conduct day-to-day business. It is important that we view these times as an opportunity to grow and succeed as a community. 

The goal of PreSales Leadership Collective is creating a community where PreSales Leaders have the resources and support they need to achieve their professional potential. To empower PreSales leaders that aren’t afraid to challenge the status-quo and are interested in having a greater impact in their organizations. PreSales Leadership Collective is bringing together PreSales operators who will have the chance to learn, share, and network with those who share similar goals and face similar challenges. 

Who should apply?

This group is designed for PreSales leaders (Director-level or above) who are looking to network, develop professionally, and actively participate.


Why get involved?

  • Connect with an exclusive PreSales leadership network

  • Avoid recreating the wheel by learning from the experiences of others

  • Leverage group problem-solving with valuable external perspectives

  • Share expertise and build personal brand

  • Set standards and produce publications for PreSales


The PreSales Leadership Collective holds events (virtual and in-person). A private Slack channel and discussion board for conversation specific to leaders. 

If you are interested in joining the PreSales Leadership Collective and attending upcoming or future events, please submit your application.

Example Events

  • Virtual Leadership Roundtables: Regular events with a theme and a host who will drive the discussion. Discussions will last for an hour and a half, followed by time for networking. There is a 10 member limit for our virtual events to allow for discussion and active participation

  • Leadership Dinner (2021): Small group dinners in global major cities.

  • Leadership Summit (2021): Large scale event with leaders in attendance from around the globe.




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