April 7th, 2021

The future of PreSales Leadership

PreSales Leadership Next

Developing the Future Leaders of PreSales

Position Yourself for the Next Level

Connect with the next Generation of PreSales Leaders

Half Day Virtual Event

A half-day packed with a lineup of top minds in PreSales ready to share ideas, experiences and strategy.

Learn alongside hundreds of future PreSales leaders from the leading technology companies around the globe.



Cindy Goodwin-Sak.jpeg

Cindy Goodwin-Sak

Sr. Director, Global Virtual Engineering

Eve Besant.jpeg

Eve Besant

VP, WW Sales Engineering

@ Snowflake


Tia Hopkins

VP, Global Solutions Engineering


Yuji Higashi

Sr. Director, Global Solutions Consulting

PSC Co-Founder

Richard Armstrong

Head of Americas Solutions Engineering

Valerie Wollich.jpeg

Valerie Wolloch

SVP, Solutions Engineering

Matthew Darrow

Co-Founder & CEO

Jeff Margolese

SVP, Global Solutions Consulting

Bernie Frazier

Author, Career Strategist

Jason Warfield

VP, Americas Solutions Engineering

Garin Hess

Founder and CEO

Leah Katsekas McTiernan

VP, Solutions Engineering

Brian Oehling

Sr. Director, Digital Transformation

Delia Parman

Sr. Director, Solutions Engineering


7:00AM - 7:15AM

(all times Pacific Standard Time)

Opening Address to PreSales Leadership Collective

PSC Leadership Team

7:15AM - 7:30AM

Keynote: Vision of PreSales Leadership

Jeff Margolese, SVP Solutions Consulting @ ServiceNow

7:45AM - 8:15AM

PreSales Organizational Design

Todd Janzen, Global VP, Q Branch @ Salesforce

Jennifer McLaughlin, VP Solution Engineering @ Salesforce

8:15AM - 8:45AM

Evaluating Performance During the Pandemic?

Richard Armstrong, Head of America Solutions Engineering @ Cloudflare

8:45AM - 9:00AM


9:00AM - 9:30AM

Fireside Chat: PreSales Diversity & Inclusion

Cindy Goodwin-Sak, Sr. Director Global Virtual Engineering @ Cisco

Valerie Wolloch, SVP Solutions Engineering @ Salesforce

9:30AM - 10:00AM

Closing Announcements

PSC Leadership Team

10:00AM - 10:30AM

Closing Announcements

PSC Leadership Team

10:30AM - 10:45AM


10:45AM - 11:15AM

Closing Announcements

PSC Leadership Team

11:15AM - 11:45AM

Closing Announcements

PSC Leadership Team

11:45AM - 12:00PM

Closing Announcements

PSC Leadership Team


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