Welcome to the APJ Chapter!

Our APJ Chapter was founded by Paul Baptist, and Angelica Veness and features Members from across Asia and the Pacific.

Our APJ includes Members from the companies ServiceNow, Interactive, Freshworks, SAP and many more.


What can you gain by joining PreSales APJ?

  • Grow your professional career by attending events and webinars where leaders in the pre-sales space share their experiences and tips/tricks

  • Network with your peers to overcome day-to-day challenges by learning and collaborating with one another

  • Prosper by making meaningful connections with your future colleagues 

To get involved with PreSales APJ join the Slack channel: #geo-apj

Meet The Organizers

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The saying “jack of all trades” is usually followed up with “master of none”. I prefer to say I am a “master of some”. With over 20 years’ experience in CRM, the majority focused on customer experience technologies, I have been working with companies across the globe to put their customers at the center of their businesses.

Being a story teller at heart, I have learnt to be multi-lingual, proficient in geek, sales, marketing, service, implementation and, most importantly, “plain and simple”.

Angelica Veness

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I'm currently working at Salesforce as a Principal Solution Engineer in the Enterprise team. My role involves me working closely with a handful of clients as a strategic advisor. My goal is to enable, educate, challenge and inspire their way of thinking using Design Thinking, Workshops and other methods to really understand their business drivers & experience they want to create for their customers.

The majority of my career has been focused on analytics specifically AI, data science and predictive analytics. This provides me with a unique lens when it comes to continuous transformation as data holds the key to everything!




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