Welcome to the Austin Chapter!

Our Austin Chapter was founded by Rachel Tilghman, Brian Land, Kevin Mefford, Anna Mogavero, and Andy Trevino.

Our Austin Chapter includes Members from companies including Conga, Cisco, Medallia, Zendesk, and many more.


What can you gain by joining PreSales Austin?

  • Grow your professional career by attending events and webinars where leaders in the pre-sales space share their experiences and tips/tricks

  • Network with your peers to overcome day-to-day challenges by learning and collaborating with one another

  • Prosper by making meaningful connections with your future colleagues 

To get involved with PreSales Austin join the Slack channel: #geo-austin

Meet The Organizers

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Kevin is currently a presales solutions advisor at Medallia, where he's supported a variety of industries such as travel/hospitality, B2B, retail, financial services, and life sciences. Bringing a diverse background to presales which includes service delivery, app development, and software training, Kevin has a passion and curiosity for helping clients find the right solutions. He has also built and managed presales teams. From defining the entire role from scratch at a startup to creating the shared services team at Medallia, Kevin enjoys mentoring SCs along their career journey. A native Texan, Kevin has lived in Austin almost long enough to be considered a local. Outside of work, you're likely to find him exploring hiking trails and camping spots or competitively axe throwing.

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After 10+ years of experience in community building, storytelling and problem solving, finding my way into PreSales has been the dream job I didn’t know existed. I love the variety and challenges in PreSales, and being able to bring perspective to the issues facing clients. My love of learning and new experiences means I’ve lived and worked across many time zones and industries, which helps when thinking beyond what a technology solution can provide. Most of all, I find energy in working with a team to push what’s possible.

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I am a PreSales leader with 20 years of experience driving enterprise solution sales and PreSales strategies. Early pre-sales employee at Ariba, Siebel, and Endeca helped shape my leadership roles at NCR, Accruent and currently Lucidworks. My previous role before Lucidworks included a pre-revenue startup OSSCube, where we grew over 6 years before being acquired in 2018. I had the opportunity to lead field sales, marketing, and pre-sales over the journey. This gave me a unique experience in how all three departments should align and work together. I moved from the bay area to Austin in 2002 after the dot com bubble burst and love it here. My oldest son and I spend a lot of time on Lake Travis foil surfing and wingsurfing.

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Andy joined the pre-sales world in 2015, when he brought a background in IT and enterprise marketing automation to customer engagement messaging leader Braze. The customer-facing, technical-problem-solving nature of the role was an immediate fit. These days, he leads Braze's global Solutions Consulting team, which numbers 23 people in six time zones from Singapore to NYC. He moved to Austin in September, and in his free time is an aviation geek, dad joke connoisseur, and Wisconsin sports fan.

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Anna is a Senior Solutions Consultant at Zendesk; based in Austin, TX. Prior to Zendesk, she crushed quotas at Dialpad, Fuze, Avaya and Cisco. She is passionate about expanding the visibility of Pre Sales professionals and increasing representation in the field from women, people of color, and other traditionally underrepresented groups in high tech. Outside of work, Anna loves all things food
and travel related, and spends her free time with her husband and son.




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