Welcome to the DACH Chapter!

Our DACH Chapter was founded by Jan-Erik Jank, Tim Bromme, and Ricarda Rieser and features Members from across Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Our DACH Chapter includes Members from the companies SAP, Xactly, Contentful and many more.


What can you gain by joining PreSales DACH?

  • Grow your professional career by attending events and webinars where leaders in the pre-sales space share their experiences and tips/tricks

  • Network with your peers to overcome day-to-day challenges by learning and collaborating with one another

  • Prosper by making meaningful connections with your future colleagues 

To get involved with PreSales DACH join the Slack channel: #geo-dach

Meet The Organizers

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Tim studied computer engineering in Berlin and started his career in technical sales in 2010 at a German technology company. He gained years of international experience in China and Africa, which was not only enriching personally but allows him to place client relationships in a global context. Walking on the tightrope between technology and business inspires him - because advanced technology only makes sense if it is also relevant to the business. In his free time, he hosts the Sales Excellence Podcast, likes going to the gym and gets lost in video games.

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My biggest passion are people and leadership. I enjoy working in organizations with the ability to make an impact to the company, people and customers. I believe in people and that building an outstanding team requires constant change, transparency & communication.

For the last 8 years I'm dedicated to pre-sales as I believe this role brings a lot of value to an organization as well as to the customer. I'm solution and value driven to get the best out of every engagement and maximize the value for the customer to make them fans.

I'm also happy to be part of the Sales Excellence Podcast, where we share thoughts and experiences about Sales & Pre-Sales Excellence with a Software B2B focus.

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After working as a management consultant for an in-house consultancy, I joined the SAP PreSales Academy. The Academy is a first-class program to jump start your PreSales career. After, I transitioned into a Value Engineering position, where I’m advising customers on the benefit side of their technology needs, focusing on their specific industry requirements and drafting customer specific value stories

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