Welcome to the Ireland Chapter!

Our Ireland Chapter was founded by Audrey Jaspart, Luke Donnelly, Lorna Dowd, and Sarah Finlay.

Our Ireland Chapter includes Members from the companies Hubspot, Virgin Media, Qualtrics, DocuSign, and many more.


What can you gain by joining PreSales Ireland?

  • Grow your professional career by attending events and webinars where leaders in the pre-sales space share their experiences and tips/tricks

  • Network with your peers to overcome day-to-day challenges by learning and collaborating with one another

  • Prosper by making meaningful connections with your future colleagues 

To get involved with PreSales Ireland join the Slack channel: #geo-chapter-ireland

Meet The Organizers

Audrey is leading the EMEA Solutions Engineering team at HubSpot since 2019 where she supports a growing team of SE based in different locations. Diversity is at the center of how she manages her team and a topic that is close to her heart. Prior to joining HubSpot, Audrey used to be a Solution Engineer in Oracle where she started her career in the PreSales world. She likes to use her experience to help her team grow and be a role model for the junior members joining it. Outside of work, Audrey is passionate by traveling, yoga and painting. She draws on occasional basis when she has some free time in front of her.

I'm a PreSales who's part-techie, part-salesperson, part storyteller. Focus is on CX / customer experience, especially sales and marketing. I like to differentiate not just through showing product capability but also by delivering engaging presentations that resonate. 5 years in PreSales, 20 years in the tech industry in sales, sales enablement, marketing, consulting, and docs. Brands I've worked for include Zendesk and Oracle. Brands I've worked with include Vodafone, Google, Cisco and Telstra.

Lorna Dowd

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Lorna is an experienced SaaS Professional with a background in both Sales and Pre-Sales. She is passionate about connecting customers with technology and works as a Principal Consultant at DocuSign. She has held previous positions with companies such as Oracle where she made the move from Sales to Pre-Sales 6 years ago. By doing this she was able to combine her love for Sales and Technology which she obtained from her Diploma in Sale Practice and BSc. in Computing. She is passionate about promoting Women in Tech and building a community for like minded professionals within the Pre-Sales community.

Sarah Finlay

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Sarah is part of the Sales Engineering team at Qualtrics supporting their EMEA Corporate business on their Experience Management platform encompassing Customer, Employee, Product and Brand Experience. Prior to joining Qualtrics, Sarah worked at Sage and Salesforce where her interest in Solution Engineering was first piqued. Apart from work, Sarah loves traveling, cooking/baking, and chilling out with a good book or movie.

Audrey Jaspart

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Luke Donnelly

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We now have a podcast for the PSC Ireland chapter!

Everyone knows what a salesperson does. But not everyone knows what a PreSales does. So on this podcast, PreSales Ireland is taking the mic. That's why we call it the PreSales Takeover Podcast.


Audrey, Luke, Sarah and Lorna work in tech companies in Ireland as PreSales Consultants, aka Sales Engineers or Solution Consultants (SCs). We chat about the life of a PreSales rep - what is a PreSales rep, what skills are required and much more. Together, we're part of PreSales Collective Ireland, a chapter of the global PreSales Collective of 8,000+ professionals elevating the role of PreSales worldwide!

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