Welcome to the NEMEA Chapter!

Our NEMEA Chapter was founded by Adam Freeman, Don Carmichael, and Natasja Bax.

Our NEMEA Chapter includes Members from the companies Access Group, Conga, Cisco, and many more.


What can you gain by joining PreSales NEMEA?

  • Grow your professional career by attending events and webinars where leaders in the pre-sales space share their experiences and tips/tricks

  • Network with your peers to overcome day-to-day challenges by learning and collaborating with one another

  • Prosper by making meaningful connections with your future colleagues 

To get involved with PreSales NEMEA join the Slack channel!

Meet The Organizers

Adam Freeman

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Adam is a PreSales Leader with a digital first mindset. As a qualified accountant I believe in high quality KPI’s from my team, and a customer centric, value driven approach to PreSales.

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Don is a part time Stonehenge Landscape Archaeology Guide who's spent most of his life as a PreSales Leader, Coach and Trainer. With over 30 years of customer facing solution and insight sales and technology evangelist experience, he has lots to say on PreSales skills, best practices, metrics, structures and operations. Don is a regular on PreSales Q&A panels, webinars and podcasts and also acts as the Chief Strategy Officer for Avnio, the AI RFP solution.
Don has trained and coached PreSales skills at SAP, Oracle, Adobe, Microsoft and Sage amongst many others.

Natasja Bax

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Natasja has been passionate about Presales for over 20 years. Her PreSales career started at SAP, being PreSales consultant for the service and maintenance solutions. Next, she helped SAP reseller to win more deals by actively training and coaching. She started The DemoScene 9 years ago to be able to help more PreSales teams, outside the SAP ecosystem. Leveraging many years of experience in PreSales and training/coaching, Natasja directly pinpoints the areas in need of improvement and maximises the performance of individuals and teams in an energetic and uplifting manner. Natasja has trained many organisations over the last 15 years and is the Great Demo! partner for EMEA.