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Matt's Monday Musings: Am I a Consultant or a Sales Person?

Well… you are both!

Being a PreSales Champion has a lot to do with who you are, your integrity and your consultative approach to selling. How many times have you been asked to be a ‘trusted advisor’? Play the ‘good cop’ to your Account Executives ‘Bad cop’? ‘You do the demo, I’ll do the selling’?

To be a successful sales engineer you need to be a chameleon. You need to be trusted, you need to advise, you need to consult, you need to solution, you need to sell…. and let’s not forget that’s really our purpose. Its why we get paid, but with that, we must prioritize customers achieving their goals as well.

Each of those things is just simply a means to an end. What is that end… a perfect storm of customer satisfaction resulting in sales revenue. You can consult but if you don’t sell anything, you are not hitting your revenue goals. You can sell, but you need to ensure the solution is fit for purpose and will deliver huge value.

Your chameleon approach will ensure you strike the right balance between your responsibilities. Address both audiences and bring them together under one vision.

It doesn’t matter what you are selling, IT software, hardware, services… your work as a PreSales champion is to deliver enormous client satisfaction combined with sales performance for your company.

And guess what… with the right product, at the right time with the right approach… those two go hand in hand.

Some top tips for this approach

  • Be humble, listen and learn.

  • Connect your value to prospects pain and reiterate that in your activities.

  • Be open, honest and authentic in your approach to win trust.

Address your prospect’s needs with your value and you’ll win every time.

Matt Finch is the Vice President, Global Solutions Consulting at Mavenlink. He's passionate about SaaS technology, leadership, and sales excellence has enabled him to successfully build award-winning sales, pre-sales, consulting and enablement organizations across the world.

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