Welcome to the PreSales Collective!

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Four years ago I was enlisted by Outreach to build the PreSales team.

I needed playbooks, frameworks, and best practices, beyond what I could draw from my previous experience. I tapped my network and spent hours searching the internet looking for literature, resources, and professional organizations that I could learn from. Aside from a couple books and out-dated blogs, I came up empty. Since I began my career in management consulting where there are a lot of resources and professional organizations that exist, I was certain the same would exist for PreSales - but I was wrong. It became clear to me that there is a large gap for education and professional development in our rapidly growing function of PreSales.

There are more than 500,000 PreSales professionals globally, yet no unifying organization has previously existed to support the growth and development of this group.

It's time to change that.

Welcome to PreSales Collective - a community of Presales professionals brought together to help one another grow and develop.

PreSales Collective is for Sales Engineers, Solutions Consultants, Architects, Value Engineers or any other variation of the role. It's for anyone looking to begin a career in Presales or those just interested in learning more. The Collective is here to serve you.

Our mission is elevate the role of PreSales in organizations worldwide. We aim to provide PreSales professionals with the resources, knowledge, network, and mentorship to develop long, impactful careers.

Our vision is to create a global community of professionals who have a passion for PreSales. A place where individuals in a PreSales role, or anyone who aspires to be, will be supported in their professional development.

I encourage you to take part in our growing community to learn, interact, and network. We all get better together.




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