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Kathleen Kuczma is a 2023 PSC Ambassador!

"My favorite place to visit is Spain. It was the first foreign country I ever traveled to and my first time on a plane. Despite forgetting my passport and missing my original flight (that is another story), it was a wonderful trip and I am excited to return again to explore more now that my Spanish is better than when I was 17!

One of the best pieces of professional advice I received was during a mentoring session with Hannah Gräfin-von Waldersee via the Forem. In discussing career development, she used the analogy of stringing lights and ornaments on a Christmas tree to relate to thinking about all the unique skills and passions we have where the star represents your ""guiding principles"". Thinking of career progression in this way helps you be open to an entirely different opportunity you may never have thought of but that matches your motivations and transferable skills."

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