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Since joining PSLC, I have felt a sense of community support and professional camaraderie like nothing else! This community has hundreds of influential members at all levels and from all industries, keen to share varied insights and experiences. PSLC has earned back the investment almost immediately.

Jeremy Spiegel

Director of Account Services

How We Help Leaders Thrive

Decades of Collective Wisdom

Access an unparalleled wealth of presales insights with members bringing decades of diverse real-world experience.

For Practitioners, By Practitioners

Solutions forged in the field, not the ivory tower. Learn tested strategies from active leaders.

Real Problems Solved with Real People

Discuss pressing issues in an intimate roundtable setting and crowdsource solutions from seasoned professionals.

Build your Brand

Get recognized as an industry leader through speaking slots at PSC events and high-visibility writing opportunities.

Integrate Technical IQ and Leadership EQ

Programming designed to help you marry the technical and interpersonal aspects of technical sales excellence at scale.

Not Another Stale Corporate Event

Unique interactive experiences (both in-person and online) purpose built to cultivate member connections and deepen relationships.

A Membership Designed to Help You Scale as a Leader

Exclusive Slack Channel with 350+ Presales Leaders

Monthly Small Group Roundtables

Quarterly Virtual Summits

In-Person Summit Ticket Coupons

Free Postings on the PSC Job Board

Virtual & IRL Events (Webinars, Happy Hours, Dinners)

Private In-Person Dinners

Personalized 1:1 Member Connections

Speaking and Writing Opportunities

Preferred Enrollment in Leader Elevate


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What They Say

I have been leveraging content created by or linked by the PreSales Collective to educate myself on best practices for global presales teams.  This community has been very valuable in informing me about how to think about certain issues, particularly around the idea of best practices that can be scaled globally versus what is best determined locally by teams in country. As a result I feel as though I am better prepared to ask the right questions and listen better when interacting with team members in other regions.

David H.

David H.

Director of Solutions Design at Wolters Kluwer Tax

Having just finished business school, I didn’t know much about this career or the breadth of skills needed to succeed in this capacity. I found PSC on LinkedIn and dove in. I listened to their podcast for insight, I joined the Slack channel and connected with mentors, and I kept updated with the PSC online events to learn more from leaders in the industry.  Leveraging these tools helped me understand the profession… I’m really happy to have found this community and I look forward to contributing to the growth of PSC.

Lala N.

Lala N.

Sales Engineer, Salesforce

One of the major downsides of being an SE is the feeling of being alone, on an island... So I was struck by the way PSC welcomed me, and how active the Slack community was. A community of several thousand members, helping each other, sharing insights, ideas, job offers, and more. PSC was a catalyst and one of the major reasons why I decided to go back to Sales Engineering. I had the support of a great community and a lot of resources. I have not looked back since. Thanks again PSC, I'm looking forward to giving back to the community.

Diawara D.

Diawara D.

Solutions Engineer at Netskope


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What do I get with membership?

PSLC Members get access to a private slack space, invitations to endless opportunities to engage with other members and industry thought leaders, opportunities to build your brand through speaking and writing engagements and a library of exclusive resources to scale yourself, your team, and your GTM org.

Why join?

Our presales leadership community represents more than a collection of individuals – it forms an exclusive ecosystem of motivated professionals collaborate to catalyze career and organizational growth.

Within PSLC, veterans and peers who have been in your shoes share field-tested methodologies and insights. Peer perspectives are an invaluable resource for members navigating leadership or revenue decisions and initiatives. The value of those insights could be the difference between you hitting budget or earning a promotion.

Beyond the insights, the connections you make in PSLC could represent future growth opportunities - whether finding your next role, securing investments, or attracting top talent.

But all of this - the insights, methodology transfers, relationship building - is only achieved by members willing to engage openly and constructively with the community. You get out what you put in. The more active you are seeking advice, providing guidance, and fostering connections, the faster you progress.

Our members view this as an invaluable personal and professional development ecosystem - but it requires commitment and vulnerability around goals, challenges, and lessons learned along the way.

Who's eligible to join PSLC?

Eligible roles include PreSales people managers, managers of Architecture and Value teams, as well as PreSales operations and enablement leaders.

So long as your title includes manager, lead, director, VP, etc., and relates to solutions, sales engineering, presales, you should be eligible. If you're title is less clear, share your connection to presales in the application!

What do you look for in PSLC members?

We're looking for members with a growth-mindset and a willingness to engage. Professional communities are we what you make of them, and PSLC is no different. Those that want to share, learn and connect are the members that will find the most value in PSLC.

What does membership cost?

Membership costs $50/month. If you have questions, reach out to for more information.

I’m looking to get the membership fee paid for by my organization. Any tips?

We've found that members have the most success when they present the memberships as both beneficial to their professional growth and to the organizations. What's the value to the organization of you making better decisions? Getting instant feedback on challenges? Getting access to industry-leading SMEs?

We wrote this justification letter to give you a headstart on getting your membership expensesd.


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