Women in Solutions Excellence (W.I.S.E)


Build a global network of Women In Solution Excellence to excel both their programs and professional development by learning from one another in an open, safe, diverse forum.

Who should take part in WISE?


At first glance, it can seem like if you're not a woman who is a PreSales, you may think you can't join us. That's just not true! 


We're made up of allies and core members and we welcome anyone who is dedicated to promoting our values and helping us execute our measures. 

Launch a WISE Program at Your Company

Interested in starting a WISE program or Employee Resource Group (ERG) at your organization? We're excited for you and happy to help! Start by filling out the form below and we'll send you the "WISE Playbook" guide to help get you going. 


What's included?


Extend the connectedness of WISE programs across companies to learn from others to elevate our work and ourselves


Focusing on opportunities for professional development and career growth


Providing a safe and inclusive environment to grow by sharing and learning through the experiences of others. 

Leaders from Salesforce and Docusign share perspectives on inclusion and diversity in the evolving digital workplace, and tips for success to ensure no woman is left behind. The panel reflects on the new workplace and provides a deep-dive into the catalyst and triggers of these changes.


On the PreSales Podcast, James Kaikis and Leah McTiernan connect on the topic "Elevating Women in PreSales". Leah, Vice President of Solutions Engineering at DocuSign, talks about her journey through PreSales and why she has leaned in to help create programs like Women in Solutions Engineering and the PreSales Collective’s Women in Solutions Excellence program. 

Sponsoring WISE Programs

PSC WISE Steering Committee

Leah McTiernan

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Kelley Pidhirsky

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Victoria Cox

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Kate McArdle

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Liz Whitaker-Freitas

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Rosie Sennett

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Hannah Bloking

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