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"PSC is an invaluable resource for connecting with professionals in presales. I’ve had numerous helpful career conversations - several of which blossomed into full-blown interview opportunities."
Stefan S.
Sales Engineer at
4 years

since founding

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PSC connects growth-minded presales folk to discuss their experiences, challenges, predictions, frameworks and everything else in between.

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Join like-minded professionals at lively happy hours and insight-filled summits to meet new people and talk shop.

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Educational programs designed specifically for presales folk.

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Advance your career through PSC's network and job search tools.

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Since joining PSLC, I have felt a sense of community support and professional camaraderie like nothing else! This community has hundreds of influentials members at all levels and from all industries, keen to share varied insights and experiences. PSLC has earned back the investment almost immediately.

Jeremy Spiegel

Director of Account Services, Pearson

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Unlock your potential

Individual Contributors

Supercharge your growth. Access industry insights, peer connections, and on-demand learning designed to help you advance your career.

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Develop a world-class presales org

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Build a high-caliber team. Connect with peers to learn what good looks like, see around corners, and increase organizational impact.

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Enable presales excellence

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Outperform the average. We help organizations build, train and scale industry-leading presales teams. Thinking 6 months to productivity? Think again.

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We Support Presales Professionals at Every Level

Presales ICs

PSLC is our exclusive community for top performing presales leaders. Premium events, insiders chat group, curated roundtables, and high viability brand building opportunities.

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Presales Leaders

PSLC is our exclusive community for top performing presales leaders. Premium events, insiders chat group, curated roundtables, and high-vibility brand building opportunities.

Grow as Leader

Presales Organizations

We deliver best-in-class onboarding programs designed to get your team and leaders ramped and generating revenue. Thinking 6 months to productivity? Think again. Our approach cuts that in half.

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What They Say

I have been leveraging content created by or linked by the PreSales Collective to educate myself on best practices for global presales teams.  This community has been very valuable in informing me about how to think about certain issues, particularly around the idea of best practices that can be scaled globally versus what is best determined locally by teams in country. As a result I feel as though I am better prepared to ask the right questions and listen better when interacting with team members in other regions.

David H.

David H.

Director of Solutions Design at Wolters Kluwer Tax

Having just finished business school, I didn’t know much about this career or the breadth of skills needed to succeed in this capacity. I found PSC on LinkedIn and dove in. I listened to their podcast for insight, I joined the Slack channel and connected with mentors, and I kept updated with the PSC online events to learn more from leaders in the industry.  Leveraging these tools helped me understand the profession… I’m really happy to have found this community and I look forward to contributing to the growth of PSC.

Lala N.

Lala N.

Sales Engineer, Salesforce

One of the major downsides of being an SE is the feeling of being alone, on an island... So I was struck by the way PSC welcomed me, and how active the Slack community was. A community of several thousand members, helping each other, sharing insights, ideas, job offers, and more. PSC was a catalyst and one of the major reasons why I decided to go back to Sales Engineering. I had the support of a great community and a lot of resources. I have not looked back since. Thanks again PSC, I'm looking forward to giving back to the community.

Diawara D.

Diawara D.

Solutions Engineer at Netskope

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What is PreSales Collective? 

PSC, as we like to call it for short, is a global community of Solutions professionals looking to elevate their careers and bring more awareness to the profession through the support, knowledge, connections, and events

Who can join?

Just about anyone! 

  • Are you thinking about a career and interested in PreSales? Come on in! 
  • Are you a Solutions engineer looking to break into PreSales leadership? We have resources for you!
  • Have you been in the game for a while and need support as your team and organization grow and changes? You are in the right place! 
What will I receive as a member of PSC?

There are so many benefits to joining this free community! 

  • Community: You will be embedded in a community nearing 30k+ PreSales professionals! 
  • Connection: You will grow your network, create new connections and relationships, and have discussions you  might not otherwise be able to in your own organization
  • Virtual and in-person events: We have weekly webinars on a diverse range of topics, in-person happy hours in your local area hosted by other PSC members, 
How much does it cost to join?

Not a dime… we are dedicated to creating a space that any PreSales professional (or aspiring PreSales professional) can access.

This profession has been so undersupported for so long and we are changing that with every member that joins!


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