Join the Slack workspace to connect with other members of PreSales Collective!

Tips on getting started

  • Introduce yourself in the #introductions channel

  • Add your current place of work to your Profile name e.g. @First Last (PreSales Collective). You can also use (Exploring New Opportunities)

  • Join some of the #topic channels - these are places to ask and answer questions on various topics in PreSales

  • Join your #industry channel to ask questions related to the specifics of your selling environment

  • Join a #local channel to stay apprised of of local events and connected with other in your areas

  • Join some of the #social channels that match your interests, get connected with other PreSales professionals

  • If you have non PSC related content (external event, etc.) please use #around-the-presales-community

  • Join a #lang channel to connect with others who speak your same language!

  • If you're an aspiring SE, join #presales-incubator to network & learn and #jobs to see postings

Ongoing Usage

  • Always reply to a message using Threads. This helps keep things clean and uncluttered

  • Set your Notifications settings to alert certain channels in "Preferences" to tailor your experience

  • Use the #jobs channel for all postings, or submit through our Job Board


  • No self-promotion. No selling. No spam.

  • Give more than you take.

  • No abuse, harassment, or disrespect.

  • Respect others’ privacy.

  • No cross-posting

Community Accountability

With the support of the PSC team, we want to empower each and every community member to participate and moderate this space. As such, if you see a post in our community that does not meet our guidelines please double click the đźš© and it will be reviewed. Do not leave the đźš©, simply place it and remove it. Thank you for your help keeping our community safe and thriving!
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