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Carly Whitaker is a 2023 PSC Ambassador!

The best piece of advice I’ve received comes from someone who’s been there through a lot with me; ups, downs, high school, college and the start of my career - Taylor Swift. She says, “I tried to pick my battles ’til the battle picked me”. As hard as we want to try and control things, personally or professionally, there is always one you’ve never expected around the corner. The sooner you brace to be surprised, expect the unexpected and feel equipped for the pivot, the more confident you’ll feel. I’m still figuring out myself how to navigate these surprises both as a pre-sales professional and as a mom, but everyday feels like progress.

Relaxation after a long day looks like fuzzy socks, dimmed lights, snuggles with my dog Chuck, a binge worthy TV series and a tall, frothy cold one."

The best advice I've ever received comes from someone who's been there by me through a lot; Taylor Swift.

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