PreSales Collective Local.

Local groups are a great way to network and meet face-to-face with other PreSales Professionals in your area. 

PreSales Collective is about community and bringing people together. We want to help create professional connections locally and globally. 

Chapter Program Overview

The PreSales Collective Chapter program offers our member community the opportunity to regularly connect with other, like-minded PreSales Professionals. Local Chapter meetings include discussions, presentations, and networking opportunities. Local Chapter Organizers are leaders in the profession and build each chapter based on the needs of the local members. Meetings and networking events are typically held quarterly.

Local Chapters provide many benefits to PreSales Collective members including:

  • Meet and network with other local PreSales professionals

  • Hear presentations and learn new ideas from industry experts and colleagues

  • Share your own challenges and ideas and learn from others via a best-practices round-table

  • Remain connected with PreSales members throughout the year

  • Keep abreast of industry trends and stay informed on all the PreSales Collective happenings

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Other Local Meetup Groups

There are other amazing local groups that are not affiliated with PreSales Collective but are worth checking out.

Don't see a Chapter or Group in your Area?

Start one! We created a detailed Local Community Creation Playbook to help you get started. Big thanks for Audrey Jaspart, Peter Doro, Liam Mahoney, and Gokul Sridharan for publishing the playbook!

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