Transform Your
Team into a
PreSales Powerhouse.

What if your Solutions Consultants could skip the learning curve and transform into self-driven team members that get results for your team, your prospects, and your organization?

PreSales Foundations gives SCs the playbook for unlocking their full potential as up-and-coming PreSales pros. In just a few weeks, they’ll graduate with skills proven to win deals and boost success for your entire organization.

Every day another deal could be lost due to lack of proper training - stop losing deals that you could win.

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**H1 Foundations Cohorts are scheduled to start on 5/9.








Shatter the Learning Curve

Success starts with the fundamentals. SCs will master demo, discovery, and objection handling in the unique context of PreSales.

Learn from PreSales Pros

PreSales isn’t sales. Your SCs need to learn specific strategies for success from leaders who have defined PreSales for the world’s most innovative companies.

Don’t Fake it, Just Make it

Your SCs have the ingredients to be PreSales pros...they just need the recipe. We’ll prepare them to take your PreSales team to the next level.

What Students are Saying

“I owe a lot of my success as a relatively new SE to PreSales Foundations! The PSF training gave me a solid background on SE techniques and principles and provided a path to capitalize on my previous education, and my military and corporate experience.”

“Transitioning from a post-sales operational role, I knew I needed additional training to kickstart my PreSales career. The Foundations Program has done exactly that for me. The structure and feedback I received in the program effectively prepared me for what to expect in an SE role, and I am now starting my career with confidence.”

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**H1 Foundations Cohorts are scheduled to start on 5/9.

Find the Best Time to Attend

PSC Foundations travels the globe to make attending our
in-person workshops as easy as possible.

May Cohort

Starts May 9

2024 Cohort Schedule will be out soon!

Foundations Syllabus

Foundations cohorts will hold weekly virtual sessions over 4 weeks. SCs will emerge ready to hit the ground running with the skills to succeed.

Presentation & Demo

Learn to structure and deliver a demonstration that connects with the prospect’s pain points, leaves an impression through storytelling, and handles objections with ease.

Sales Process & Value

Cover the most common buyer and sales strategies, as well as how to forge partnerships with other internal teams that touch the sales process.

Discovery & Preparation

Develop a preparation routine for all prospect interactions, so SCs won’t have to rely on improvisation or start from scratch with each relationship.

Technical Validation

See how to run an effective tech validation that captures exactly how your product will fit the prospect’s organization and provide value.

Roadmap for Growth

Accelerate growth, achieve individual career goals and contribute more to the organization.

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**H1 Foundations Cohorts are scheduled to start 1/18, 3/7, and 5/9.

Expand Your Perspective

In a tight-knit cohort, participants will learn as much from their classmates as they do from instructors. They'll see how other organizations approach challenges and find solutions and success in their PreSales initiatives. This can inform participants' own development and help them grow in leaps and bounds.

Real World Instruction

Our instructors have been there, and they’ll pass their hard-won lessons on to participants. No more wondering if the training will work in real scenarios — participants will put them into action as they learn, then report back their experience to the group for a collective deep dive.

What Our Instructors are Saying


Tom Banton


“The goal of PSC Foundations Program is to turn your new Solutions Consultants into world-class solutions professionals.
Foundations is an interactive online learning program that provides early-career Sales Consultants the skills, knowledge, and competency to better partner with sales and have more confidence in front of your customers.”


Liz Anderson


Foundations is a compliment to your company's enablement, providing a way to enhance the skills of your entry-level presales professionals without imposing added responsibilities on your front-line managers.

Participants receive a best-in-class presales education and immediately put it into practice resulting in increased confidence when engaging with your customers."

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**H1 Foundations Cohorts are scheduled to start 1/18, 3/7, and 5/9.

Live training sessions in a small cohort of peers and world-class PreSales instructors.

Roleplaying and exercises to help develop competency.

Access to ongoing learning opportunities with the PreSales Collective.

Certification upon completion.

Discounts for enrolling multiple SCs in the PreSales Foundations program.

$1,399 per Seat

$2,500 per Seat
$1,399 per Seat (40% Off)
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**H1 Foundations Cohorts are scheduled to start 1/18, 3/7, and 5/9.

Built for PreSales success

The only curriculum designed for PreSales professionals, by PreSales professionals.

Faster time-to-value, greater ROI

If you’re growing your PreSales team, ramping new SCs effectively is the most efficient way to drive revenue.

Fire on all cylinders

When PreSales works in tandem with other departments, everyone wins more.