About the
PreSales Collective

The PreSales Collective is a global community of over 20,000 PreSales professionals brought together to help one another grow and learn. We aim to elevate the PreSales profession by setting the standard of excellence, ensuring PreSales is recognized as an essential contributor to organizational growth, and supporting all PreSales professionals who are charting this course. 

The PSC is designed to empower the PreSales community with the resources, relationships, and opportunities they need to become the best versions of themselves - inside and outside of the workplace.
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Our mission is to elevate the role of PreSales in organizations worldwide. We aim to provide PreSales professionals with the resources, knowledge, network, and mentorship to develop long, impactful careers.


Our vision is to create a global community of professionals who have a passion for PreSales. A place where individuals in a PreSales role, or anyone who aspires to be, will be supported in their professional development.


  • Serve as a Catalyst for Change
  • Cultivate Community through Belonging
  • Support Personal and Professional Growth
  • Advocate Equal Opportunity for All

Meet the team

Chris Mabry
General Manager
PreSales Collective
Liz Anderson
Director of Learning
PreSales Academy
Courtney Flickwir
Member Experience Manager
PreSales Collective
Winny Delcin
Training Program Manager
‍PreSales Collective
Nina Berger
Career Services Manager
PreSales Collective
Dasha Zumwalt
Event Coordinator
PreSales Collective

Our Advisory Council

Cindy Goodwin-Sak
VP, Global Security Sales Engineering
Organization @ Cisco
Peter Polizzi
VP, Global Solutions Engineering, Architecture
and Field CTO @ HashiCorp
Jeff Margolese
SVP,  Global Solution Consulting
David Maloof
GVP, Solution Engineering, Strategic Advisory Services & Scout Academy @ Salesforce

2024 Ambassadors

Abby Whalen
Alex Stuart
Cal Watson
Columbia, SC
David Jennings
Diana Cappello
San Francisco
Frank Gorman
Washington DC
Jeremy Spiegel
Karthik Krishna S
Chennai, India
Katy Aronoff
Matthew James
New York
Shawn Taylor
Washington DC
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Our Sponsors & Partners

PreSales Collective partners with the top companies and thought leaders in technology.  Our partners provide critical services, resources and support related to PreSales.  If your company is interested in being a partner of PreSales Collective, please email us at info@presalescollective.com and we'll be in touch.
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Slack brings all of your tools and essential communication into one place to make your workday simpler, more pleasant and more productive.
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