Courses Created to Achieve Presales Excellence

Presales Academy

Taught by elite presales leaders, our programs cut the noise of traditional training, giving teams the toolkit to smash goals, ramp new solutions consultants faster, and scale presales for the future.

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Presales Foundation Program

Whether you're looking to break into tech or make a career change, the Presales Academy will help you learn and hone the skills you need to find and excel in a presales career.

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Leader Elevate

Unleash Your Inner Leader. Unlock Your Team’s Potential.
For early-career and frontline PreSales managers, Leader Elevate cultivates their leadership style through an immersive year-long cohort.

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Intro to Presales

You'll learn more about the PreSales role, why it's one of the best roles in tech, and what potential career paths are available to you in PreSales. It will allow you to intentionally and confidently enter the profession with the knowledge and skills you need to be successful.

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Sales Partnerships

An introduction to how partnerships between Account Executives and PreSales professionals are essential to success.

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Stakeholder Management

Stakeholder Management is a skill and mindset you will find vital to pursuing large multi-team sales opportunities.

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Technical Enablement

This course is designed for PreSales Professionals to get a glimpse of the technical world and get to know some of the commonly used terminology, basics and why all this is related to our profession.

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Value Based Selling

How Value Based Selling is an essential skill in the career of a PreSales Professional.

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