Unleash Your Inner Leader. Unlock Your Team’s Potential.

Welcome to PreSales leadership, where the success of your team and your company depend on your ability to elevate the skills of your Solutions Consultants. If you’ve been attempting to formulate a reliable process for PreSales maturity, performance, and scale, Leader Elevate is here to help.

From developing leadership styles to creating individual performance plans, this year-long cohort will transform new leaders, giving you the confidence and tools to galvanize your team and scale your PreSales program.

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**H1 cohorts start 2/5 and 5/6.

Ramp New SCs Faster
and Better

It’s time to raise the bar. Hire better, ramp team members faster, & nurture the next PreSales superstars.

Bring a Process to Performance

The only playbook designed for PreSales leaders, by PreSales leaders, so new leaders can call the shots with confidence.

Learn from Seasoned
PreSales Veterans

Our instructors have driven PreSales success at companies like Salesforce and Eightfold. They’re eager to share their secret sauce.

What Students are Saying

“This was truly the best training I have ever attended. I would highly recommend this to any new managers/ team leads.  Thank you again - this has me even more excited and motivated about management!”

"I am thankful for the inspiration brought by the Elevate workshop. A lot of things clicked for me when hearing others share their experiences, and I can clearly see a difference in the way I approach leadership pre- and post-Elevate."

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**H1 Cohorts start 2/5 and 5/6.

Find the Best Time to Attend

In 2024, we are bringing Leader Elevate to you! If you're interested in virtual workshops, click below to learn more!

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Elevate Syllabus

Leadership cohorts kick off their course with a two-day in-person class led by Tom Banton, PSC’s Head of Leadership Enablement, and PSC Co-Founder James Kaikis. Both are PreSales veterans with over 50 years of combined experience.

Following the in-person workshop, attendees will benefit from 11 monthly virtual roundtable sessions focused on a variety of topics to allow them to further expand in their role through the remainder of the year-long program.

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**H1 cohorts start 2/5 and 5/6.

Set a pattern of performance

Develop your skills of coaching up-and-coming SC’s

Create performance plans based on data and KPIs

Incentivize behavior as well as performance

Work in better harmony with other internal teams

Make the most of your resources

Learn the ins and outs of PreSales budgets

Discern a compensation structure that sits your team

Hone a winning sales-led proof of concept

Understand value consulting and business transformation

Build a personal and team brand

Explore your own leadership strengths and style

Establish a unique culture of performance

Hire, lead, and promote in accordance with your culture

Scale and sustain your team

Train your team to excel at conferences and tradeshows

Advance individual SC’s along our PreSales maturity model

Build a pipeline for the next crop of PreSales leaders

Our next course begins 06.6.23

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Thrive in Today’s PreSales Environment

In this fast-paced era of digital transformation, the role of PreSales is constantly evolving. Our experienced team of PreSales educators and leaders keep our curriculum on the cutting edge, bringing the latest thought leaders and most timely topics directly to each and every cohort.

The Best Leaders are the Best Learners

Attendees receive a one-year membership to the PreSales Leadership Collective, giving them access to events and workshops, resources and assets, and elevated support. Elevate graduates can build their skills as they see fit, at their own pace, to stay on top of their game.

What People Are Saying


Liz Anderson

Director of Learning, PSC & PSA

“Leader Elevate is educating Solutions Leaders on how to lead an effective PreSales business in today’s modern environment. The workshop discusses the topics that no one prepares you for. That’s why it’s a MUST for new and upcoming PreSales leaders.”


Tom Banton


“Affectionately called ‘sh*t you won’t learn in a book,’ Leader Elevate equips PreSales teams with everything it takes to meet the specific challenges, expectations, and skills specific function of PreSales.”

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**H1 Cohorts start 2/5 and 5/6.

Are You Ready to Transform Your Team?

We offer the only comprehensive PreSales training on the market designed to help PreSales leaders create a culture of performance and a roadmap to scale.

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**H1 cohorts start 2/5 and 5/6.

A two-day, in-person, immersive workshop

11 monthly virtual roundtable sessions with different Solutions Experts

One-year membership to the PreSales Leadership Collective

Gallup Strengths for Managers Assessment with professional Gallup Coach

Grow each participant’s network of fellow leaders

$2,695 per Participant
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$2,695 per Seat
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**H1 Cohorts start 2/5 and 5/6.

Built just for PreSales

The only curriculum designed for real PreSales pros, by real PreSales pros.

Lift your frontline team

PreSales leaders can immediately begin passing down these practices and processes.

Bring PreSale excellence to scale

Individuals drive individual success. Processes drive organizational success.