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Giving your team the tools and support to learn and improve skills
means more closed deals and a better customer experience.
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PreSales Collective Enablement Programs

PreSales Collective has developed two enablement programs designed to equip PreSales professionals with the tools and skills to deliver maximum impact and advance in their role no matter what stage of their career they're in.


A 4-week program that accelerates the development of early-career or transitioning team members on essential PreSales competencies, leading to improved performance, impact, and contribution.


A two-day immersive leadership program for early-stage PreSales leaders to hone their management skills, maximize the potential of their employees, and help sales close more deals.

According to Forbes:Companies need to take an active approach
to leadership development

Purpose Built PreSales

Tailored leadership training without the
time or investment of a custom program.

Defining What Great
Looks Like

Developed using what we’ve learned from the best and brightest PreSales minds.

Ongoing Learning to
Validate Results

Learn from PreSales Professionals who have decades of combined experience.
2 Days Classroom Training:
Two full days of interactive PreSales Leadership training.
Ongoing Enablement:
12 virtual enablement sessions over a one year period.
Coaching Sessions: 
Access to PreSales Coaches for 1-1 problem solving.
Build a Network:
Cohort and intimate environments allow for deeper connections.
“The PreSales profession lacks formal leadership training. PSC’s enablement program is designed to provide emerging leaders with the skills they need to build confidence and knowledge, thus empowering them to have greater success with their customers, teams, and organizations.”
Tom Banton,
Head of Leadership Enablement

Develop Competency and Improve Performance

Grow your skills and knowledge to deliver engaging demos, practice powerful storytelling, and handle objections effectively.

Increase Contribution and

Accelerate your career through improved
competency and mastery in PreSales

Learn from the

Learn from PreSales Professionals who
have decades of combined coaching
4-week, Part-time Skilling Program: Get ultimate flexibility to fit this training into a normal schedule with minimal interruption.
Flipped Classroom Learning Model: Virtual learning plus live sessions to apply the concepts in a hands-on environment.
Set Up Long-term Success:
Build a library of resources and best practices that will help elevate your skills for the long run.
Feedback and Connection:
Receive in-depth feedback on your projects and connect with peers in a small-group environment.
"We believe that lack of sufficient internal PreSales enablement is the #1 reason why companies hesitate to hire early-career SEs or fail to set them up for success. Foundations equips your team with comprehensive training and enablement so they can utilize best practices and strategies, be better partners, and increase their impact."
Mattie Stremic,
Head of Academy Programming

What Members are Saying...

"I have leveled up my game...

Contributed to process that has lead to several new deals, and I have been given a promotion to Senior Solution Architect! Thank you!"
Kanyin Ogunrinde,

"One of my favorite experiences

Meeting like-minded individuals who are motivated, hard-working, and ambitious experts from all different backgrounds and professions."
Brittany Mcunu,

"I have accelerated my own abilities to grow and manage...

A global presales team, including hiring and connecting with applicants and other leaders. My only wish was that we had this years ago!"
Michael Townsend,