Finally, Real PreSales Training for Real PreSales Results

Taught by elite PreSales leaders, our programs cut the noise of traditional training, giving teams the toolkit to smash goals,
ramp new Solutions Consultants faster, and scale PreSales
for the future. 



Solutions Consultants are critical to your deals. When they’re sharp, you keep your competitive edge.

For SCs with under 18 months of experience, Foundations levels them up to PreSales superstardom in just four weeks.

Hone skills in discovery, demoing, and objection handling within the unique context of PreSales.

Uncover PreSales nuances like storytelling, building rapport, and discerning the prospect’s key need.


Leader Elevate

We help PreSales leaders solidify a culture of repeatable, scalable performance.

For early-career and frontline PreSales managers, Leader Elevate cultivates their leadership style through an immersive year-long cohort.

Establish a pipeline for PreSales maturity through better hiring, data-driven performance plans, and working in sync with other teams.

Compare insights with other PreSales leaders and work one-on-one with instructors to solve unique challenges.

Why PreSales Collective?

See how other organizations approach PreSales.

Our tight-knit cohorts expose attendees to perspectives and strategies used by other companies to drive value from their PreSales teams.

Taught by the best. Trusted by the most innovative.

Our instructors are seasoned PreSales veterans who
have decades of combined experience coaching and developing SCs.

The only holistic curriculum built specifically for PreSales.

Average training gets average results. Driving PreSales outcomes demands a program specifically designed to your team’s unique challenges, goals, and skills.

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Improvement in
organizational outcomes


Improvement in overall
job performance


Improvement in
on-the-job leadership

Data provided by Forbes

Maria Robinson

Solution Architect at Elastic Path

“I loved the PreSales Foundations course. As someone transitioning into a presales role, who had a number of transferable skills but no actual sales experience, I now feel prepared to hit the ground running. The team provided tools and valuable learning, a cohort I can call on, and a mentor to support me. I strongly recommend this course for anyone starting out in presales.”

Nathan Wilson

Manager, Solution Engineering at Avnio
Leader Elevate

“The Leader Elevate course was a great opportunity to get in a room with other leaders of the PreSales community and work through real-life management challenges together. I have already put a number of the things I have learned into practice and has really driven me to make my team the best it can be."

Tomasz Kowalski

Senior Program Manager at Delivery Hero

“All I can say is that the PreSales Foundations training is the most profound and comprehensive  training on PreSales best practices available on market.”

Jeff Gunn

RFP Desk Manager
Leader Elevate

“I can see the difference in the 2 managers that went to Elevate. They have always been great, but now they are awesome. They are stronger, calmer, more confident.”

More Reasons to Invest in Your Team

Immediate Results

Participants in both programs can instantly apply the knowledge and tactics they learn in class, then report back for a retrospective with their class cohort.

Training that Lasts

The typical one-and-done training won’t provide long-term value. With PreSales Collective enablement programs, your team can keep leveling themselves up over time.

Keep Raising the Bar

Equipping your SCs and managers for impact, you’ll spot rockstars on your team and smoothly transition them into new roles and responsibilities.

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Deals start with PreSales.
All they need are the tools to win.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does each program cost?

Foundations: $2,500 per participant.

Leader Elevate: $3,950 per participant.

If you'd like to enroll 3 or more team members in Foundations or Leader Elevate, please contact us at

How long are the programs?

Foundations: Weekly live sessions for a duration of four weeks. 

Leader Elevate: Two-day in-person retreat followed by 11 months of virtual monthly roundtable sessions.

Will these programs detract from participants' work?

Foundations participants are expected to spend 3-4 hours of weekly effort, including time in the live sessions and completing assignments. Participants typically find the coursework manageable on top of their day-to-day work and benefit from applying their learnings from the program directly in their PreSales job. 

Leader Elevate kicks off with an immersive, two-day in-person workshop. After that, monthly roundtable sessions take place in the morning. While Elevate roundtables may take place within working hours, it’s more likely our classes will improve performance for both Elevate and Foundations attendees, as they apply lessons from class to their roles in real-time. 

How often are programs offered?

Foundations: Cohorts are offered each month.

Leader Elevate: In-person workshops are offered in many different locations throughout the year. Check out the specific dates and details for our schedule.

How many team members can be enrolled at once?

Foundations: Enroll up to six team members in the same monthly cohort. If you’d like to enroll more than six team members from your organization, we can work with you to develop a custom training plan. 

Leader Elevate: Enroll three or more team members or if you’re interested in a private workshop, contact us for more details.

Where are classes or workshops held?

Foundations is completely virtual, so team members can take courses from anywhere.

Leader Elevate cohorts begin with a two-day in-person workshop in an exciting city. Check out our Elevate program page for more details. 

Are there any eligibility requirements to participate?

Foundations: Must be 0-18 months in their role.

Leader Elevate: Early-career managers with less than 3 years experience.