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We often encounter these challenges as a PreSales professional: you're too techy or you're not business-savvy enough. Join us as we debate what companies are looking for, what our industry is leaning towards and what our customers are demanding of us. And we would love to hear your point of view too!

We surveyed the community on the biggest issues we face regarding teamwork and collaboration with our sales colleagues. Then we discussed with key leaders from fastest growing and marketing leading SaaS companies.

Working Relationship for Sellers and PreSales Professionals:

- Who owns what?

- What are the rules of engagement?

- How do we measure success?

- Where do we go for conflict resolution?

In this webinar, we will discuss:
-  Experiences of a diverse panel, and how they have navigated internal cultural challenges throughout their careers.
-  Ways sales communication can be impacted by bias
-  How presentations can reinforce stereotypes, or potentially exclude audience members such as women, people of color, those in the LGBTQIA+ community, or others.
-  What presenters can do if they offend the audience.

Join PreSales vets, Peter, Nidhi, and Marjorie as they share stories and provide insights on how you can better manage your competition. You'll learn:

- What to say (or not say) about your competition

- Setting “land mines” (and exposing competitor’s weaknesses)

- What if their product is really that much better – leveraging “whole product analysis”

- Navigating head-to-head evaluations

James Kaikis sits down with Garin Hess, author of "Selling is Hard. Buying is Harder." to talk about the paradigm shift that has started at least a modest brush fire in B2B software sales. We will discuss key principles, including:

- Emotional ROI

- Educating versus Selling

- Cracking the Buying Group

- Why Presales is the ideal launch pad for Buyer Enablement

Sales is hard. Add in a global pandemic and things get really complicated. Our worlds have flipped upside down in 2020 but buying behavior is starting to normalize again. What does that mean for our PreSales teams? What does that mean for buyer expectations? Will we be able to go back to in-person meetings at all this year? How do we prepare for the new normal?

For so many of us in the PreSales world, we do our best work when we are face-to-face with a customer, a partner or a team mate. We engage through our discovery, our workshops and our presentations. How does this differ across cultures and how does the added complexity of living in an entirely virtual world affect us and our teams. 

Q Branch for Sales. It's where sales teams come for deal closing stories, prototypes, visionary demos, jaw dropping presentations, and videos. Over the past decade at Salesforce Todd has built Q Branch from a napkin idea into 10 unique teams and 180+ employees around the world.

What do PreSales and Storytelling have in common? Are they related? Storytelling has emerged as one of the strong buzzwords of corporate talk of late but what is it and what can you as a PreSales professional gain by it?

Whether you’re a PreSales individual contributor, manager, or executive understanding how to use data to make decisions and drive outcomes is critical to business success. What should you be measuring? How do you measure it? How do you make decisions and drive outcomes based on what’s measured? Learn how PreSales Leaders use data-driven decision making within their PreSales organizations.

Tim and Jan from the Sales Excellence Podcast reveal what it takes to deliver a rock star demo to the customer. What are the necessary steps from the initial qualification to the showdown? How do I engage with the customer and between sales and PreSales? What are demo best practices that allow me to show my customer the maximum value of my solution?

What do PreSales and Storytelling have in common? Are they related? Storytelling has emerged as one of the strong buzzwords of corporate talk of late but what is it and what can you as a PreSales professional gain by it?

Whether you're an individual contributor or leader, being part of growing a PreSales function can be both fun and unnerving. Either way, it is a daunting task for everyone involved. Meet the individuals who helped scale PreSales during HyperGrowth at Okta, Snowflake, and ServiceNow.

Learn how orienting your career, professional development, and approach to customer engagement should always be focused on value.  Learn a framework for career development and solution engineering that is focused on developing expertise in your customers, their industry, and their business challenges and outcomes that will help you continue to develop your career as a top SE and SE leader.

Holistic means where one must cultivate the sum of skills rather than its individual parts. This webinar discusses the diversity of the Sales Engineering / PreSales role, the broad domain and skill areas that make for a holistic approach, and a primer on some important factors to focus on as you develop in your career.

Out with the old, lead with the New. Join the PreSales Collective, Salesforce, and Docusign as they share perspective on inclusion and diversity in the evolving digital workplace, and tips for success to ensure no woman is left behind. Leaders and individuals from The PreSales Collective, DocuSign & Salesforce partner to reflect on the new workplace, and provide a deep-dive into the catalyst and triggers of these changes.

Research continues to show that more diverse and inclusive organizations outperform those that are not. The goal for this webinar will be to provide insight and perspective on the importance of having a diverse PreSales team. Our panel of PreSales leaders will share their thoughts and ideas on how attendees can foster a diverse and inclusive environment within their own PreSales team and our community at large.

Paul H. Pearce provides best practices for creating and delivering improved virtual software demonstrations that dramatically increase your level of success by maximizing your client's engagement and retention. 

At a time where customers can increasingly evaluate, try, and buy B2B software on their own, being a well-informed human is both harder and more important than ever for Product Led Sales organizations.


Enter PreSales professionals, who have the versatility and expertise needed to help these organizations meet the heightened customer demands.

Being an effective Sales Engineer can be challenging in uncertain times, when everyone is remote. Chris and James will discuss ways to improve your effectiveness as an SE in our current business environment.


Chris White is the Author of 'The Six Habits of Highly Effective Sales Engineers' and the Managing Director of Demo Doctor.