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Connections is our platform to match members of the community based on shared interests and profiles to have meaningful conversations.

This is your chance to get to know your peers and learn from each other. The goal of this program is to enable our members to broaden their view beyond their immediate colleagues.

How it Works:


Visit registration link

The link will be available via the newsletter, Slack, and in the Member Hub.


Opt-in to participate

Once you register, the AI will match you to another member based on your profile. Meetings start the week after the opt-in window.


Receive an invitation

Accept the calendar invite or reach out to your match to reschedule if needed. Feel free to change the calendar invite directly!


Meet your match

Have a great conversation and meet someone new!

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Guidelines for Engagement:

Safety first: 

These forums are meant to be a safe, inclusive environment. If your experience felt unsafe, please contact the PSC team immediately.

Flexibility at it's finest: 

Calendar invites are editable. You can swap out the meeting link for your preferred video platform provider.

Be respectful:

This program is entirely optional. If you register, it is expected that you show up for your designated meeting. Can't join? Please email your match to reschedule.

Help us make it better:

Please share your feedback with us! We’re constantly working to make introductions the most beneficial for you. Any and all feedback is welcomed.

Member Stories

Great conversation and peer-to-peer networking to learn about each other. We connected on LinkedIn and look forward to staying in touch across PSLC events and Slack. Taking 30 mins to learn more about each other 1:1 was time well spent!

Deirdre S.

Obviously, the connection was immediate and so natural, this community is amazing! We decided to connect once a month. Thanks, PSC!

Virgile D.

It was great to match with someone who had the same goals but with a different pre-sales business architecture. I've made a new connection that can really help me understand areas that I don't use in my day-to-day as often but still very much need.

April M.