Presales Education

PreSales Enablement

This PreSales Enablement program is free and includes 3 courses that cover essential PreSales competencies:​
  • Effective Sales Partnerships

  • Value Based Selling

  • Stakeholder Management

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PreSales Technical Enablement

This Technical Enablement program is a free course that covers the basics of APIs, Networks, App Modernization, and Security and how these concepts apply to PreSales.

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Growing your Career inPreSales Leadership
At PreSales Collective, we want to provide you with resources and knowledge to help you progress your career in PreSales. This new eBook contains actionable advice straight from PreSales Leaders within our community.
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Educational Organizations Supporting PreSales

Sales Engineering Leadership Institute

The SELI  BlackBelt and BrownBelt Workshops are handcrafted intensive programs specifically for SE leaders and Individual Contributors. The very best practices as deployed by the fastest growing Silicon Valley companies are taught and reinforced by this program.​

Workshops are all virtual and are offered in scheduled Public Sessions (open to multiple companies), as well as tailored Private Sessions (with customization) to allow for specific focal needs or community support.

​See below for the Latest Public Workshops, and Contact Us for Private Courses or if you have any questions.
Black Belt Workshop
for Leaders
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8 x 2 hour sessions (via Zoom)
Topics covered:
  • SE Leadership

  • The SE Vision & Charter

  • Manage the Business

  • SE Sales Process, Instrumentation, Tools

  • Partnering Throughout the Organization

  • Building a High Performance Culture & Team

Brown Belt Workshop
for Individuals Contributors
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2 x 3 hour sessions (via Zoom)
Topics covered:
  • Organizational Awareness and Impact of the Role

  • The Three Core Principles of Sales Engineering

  • Emotional Intelligence and Mindset for High Performance and Resilience

  • Interpersonal Excellence (Key Relationship Management)

For over 20 years, 2Win! Training has changed the lives and careers of PreSales professionals across six continents in over 60 countries. You, the PreSales professional, are the focal point of our passion. The curriculum includes discovery, demo, storytelling, sales teamwork, executive impact and leadership.

2Win programs are purpose-designed for virtual consumption providing a blend of video-based, professionally curated, self-paced lessons and exercises, and live, online coaching. NO painful Zoom lectures! Join over 150,000 of your peers and advance your life and career with 2Win!. Learn more at

Demo Solutions

Demo Solutions helps revenue organizations close deals faster by ensuring presenters have the skills, messaging and content they need to effectively communicate with their audiences. We always start with a Demo Audit, and then apply frameworks drawn from behavioral economics, positive psychology and proven tactics.

Our clients are able to deliver more effective and inclusive demos, so they can improve deal velocity, increase deal size, and close deals with fewer meetings. Learn more at

Great Demo!

Great Demo! is the fully validated methodology for preparing and delivering crisp, compelling and surprisingly successful software demonstrations.  We offer a range of Workshops, Seminars, and Coaching for PreSales teams of all sizes who support sales of broad-based offerings and verticals from accounting to zymurgy.  

Facilitators span the globe, providing training in a variety of languages and time zones.  Great Demo! is an evergreen methodology evolving to embrace new technologies, fresh strategies, and changing go-to-market sales and PreSales motions. Learn more at

Mastering Technical Sales (MTS)

The MTS Curriculum covers the full spectrum of SE and SE Leadership Professional Skills. Designed and delivered by Sales Engineers the workshops range from fundamentals like Presentation and Demo Skills, Business Value Discovery, Visual Selling through more advanced topics such as Executive Connection and Trusted Advisor SE.

We have had over 50,000 SEs go through our global programs – all based on the three Mastering Technical Sales books by John Care.

Go beyond the demo! Learn more at
Empowering Technical Sales Teams to Create IRRESISTIBLE Sales Experiences​
TechSales Advisors founder Chris White is Building the Next Generation of Highly Effective Sales Engineers. His Amazon Best-Seller, "The Six Habits of Highly Effective Sales Engineers" launched DemoDoctor Online Training and is the foundation of the TechSales Advisors training curriculum.
Topics covered:
  • Designed to align sales and technical pre-sales processes so teams engage, collaborate, and succeed.

  • Combines DemoDoctor Six Habits Training with ASLAN Others-Centered® Selling.

See why companies like Salesforce and SAP have integrated the Six Habits into their onboarding programs.