June 8, 2023

PSLC's Leadership Symposium

In 2023, it's imperative that the best PreSales leaders stay ahead of the curve & continually explore trends in leadership, forecasting, customer experiences, and buyer enablement to set their teams up for success and drive business growth.

Essentials for Leaders

The event is tailored to the needs of PreSales leadership and focuses on providing insight and strategies for the unique experiences you face.

Connect with Community

This is your opportunity to connect in real time with PreSales leaders, build your network, and gain support from the community.

Discover Fresh Perspectives & Approaches

The Leadership Symposium will provide an opportunity for deeper conversations and new perspectives to help you develop as a leader. The Symposium will bring together a wide variety of thought leaders from the PSLC Community to discuss the latest trends in leadership and provide attendees with valuable insights from their experiences.

The Goal: Offer attendees the space to explore new strategies and approaches to navigate the nuances of PreSales leadership today.

Roundtables to Collaborate & Share Best Practices

This event will feature interactive roundtables and small group discussions to equip you with the tools and resources to stay a step ahead through collaborative conversation. It will also give attendees the chance to build relationships with other PreSales leaders in the Community.

The Goal: Provide attendees with the opportunity to learn from one another through stimulating discussions to help you adapt to the evolving demands of the PreSales leader.

Symposium Agenda

The Leadership Symposium is designed to equip and empower PreSales leaders to stay ahead of the curve as the current SC landscape continues to change.

How One Company Elevated Solutions by Taking a Role in Forecasting with Josh Aranoff
| 8:00 am PT / 11:00 am ET

Does Solutions needs to have a bigger role in Revenue? Josh Aranoff, VP of Global Solutions Engineering would say “yes” and he wants to tell you why. Throughout his presentation he will discuss:

- How this helps elevate the role within an organization (and why we don’t need to stay in our lane)
- What role the SC team has in forecasting and why
- What role does head of solution have in this

Join us for this opening with group roundtables to follow shortly afterwards.

HostJosh Aranoff, VP, Global Solutions Engineering, Procore Technologies

Leadership Roundtables: On Metrics, The Role of PreSales, and Revenue
| 8:20 am PT / 11:20 am ET

Join your leadership peers for intimate curated conversations around metrics, the role of PreSales, and revenue. Following Josh Aranoff’s presentation we will take lessons learned and start to apply them to our own work in small groups with other leaders. Each roundtable group will be led by a senior PreSales Leader to help drive the discussion.

Host: Christopher Mabry, Manager, Solutions Engineering - New Customer Acquisition, Business Continuity, Datto

Maha Pala, Vice President, Global Pre Sales, Cloudflare
Richard Sgro, Vice President, Insight Partners
Achint Seghal, Sr. Director, Solutions Engineering, OneTrust
Audrey Jaspart, Global PreSales Strategy, HubSpot
Josh Aranoff, VP, Global Solutions Engineering, Procore Technologies
Tom Banton, Head of PreSales Enablement, PreSales Collective
Nancy Seid, Global Vice President, Solutions Engineering, Twilio
Greg Holmes, Area Vice President of Solutions - EMEA, Apptio

Keynote: A Case Study on Management by Hashicorp with Peter Polizzi & Erik Papir
| 9:00 am PT / 12:00 pm ET

Peter Polizzi, VP, Worldwide Technical Field Operations and Erik Papir, AVP Americas Solution Engineering at Hashicorp are redefining how aligning functions under one roof can result in a better customer experience. In this keynote address, they will be walking us through how:

- Aligned functions under a single leader will align the internal organization to focus on the customer experience
- What shared KPIs exist to help drive progress?
- How this method of organizing improves upsell / expansion / net retention / revenue

Join a trailblazing conversation to help your teams grow!

Hosts: Peter Polizzi, VP, Worldwide Technical Field Operations, HashiCorp & Erik Papir, Area Vice President - Americas Solutions Engineering, HashiCorp

The Impact of Trust on Revenue with Rachel Tilghman, Christine Ehrenberger, Dan Katz, and Niamh Townsend
| 10:00 am PT / 1:00 pm ET

Join our panel for a conversation on how Solutions professionals are at the forefront of TRUST.  Solutions needs to play a bigger and bigger role in post sale engagement to continue building positive relationships.  Our experts will provide tactical insights into how their team is building trust in the sales process and how solutions professionals are doing more by owning relationships and helping with pipe generation.

Host: Rachel Tilghman, Senior Manager, Solutions Consulting- Americas Enterprise, Braze

Christine Ehrenberger, Vice President of Solution Consulting Americas, ServiceNow
Dan Katz, Head of Solutions Engineering, Demostack
Niamh Townsend, Global VP of PreSales, HubSpot

How to Lead a Buyer Enablement Revolution with Todd Janzen
| 11:00 am PT / 2:00 pm ET

There is no going back to the old way of selling. But have you considered “how do I get our sales teams to see the light, and how do we change our selling culture?” Take a journey with Todd Janzen where he shares his experiences over the past 3 years in converting our sellers and our selling motion.

Host: Todd Janzen, Global Vice President of Q Branch, Salesforce

Leadership Symposium Closing
| 12:00 pm PT / 3:00 pm ET

Join us for the Leadership Symposium closing remarks with fellow PreSales Leadership Collective members.   


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Meet Our Speakers

Paul Baptist

VP, Solution Engineering APJ

Patty Hager

Vice President of SMB Solution Engineering

Rishi Kapoor

Sales Engineering Leader (Manager): EMEA Partner Program

Christopher Mabry

Manager, Solutions Engineering - New Customer Acquisition, Business Continuity

Kate McArdle

Board of Directors, Greater Philadelphia Market

Wendy McHenry

Senior Director, Technical PreSales and Customer Success

Eli Neumann

Senior Vice President Worldwide Sales Engineers

Nikhil Sarma

Manager, Solutions Engineering - EMEA

Achint Sehgal

Vice President, Solutions Engineering

Nancy Seid

Global Head of Solutions Architecture

Rachel Tilghman

Director, Solutions Consulting, Enterprise

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"Fantastic event - great learnings, and such an eye opener on the transformation of our profession, and the influencing opportunities ahead of us as a community. Well done!"

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