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PreSales Foundations

A 4-week virtual program designed to equip you with competencies and knowledge to drive GTM impact. We'll cover:

  • Master presentations & demos: Craft compelling presentations that address customer needs, leverage storytelling, and conquer objections.
  • Navigate the sales cycle: Gain expertise in buyer journeys and sales strategies, plus learn to collaborate seamlessly with internal teams.
  • Prep like a pro: Develop a structured approach to prospecting, ensuring every interaction is tailored and effective.
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Course Overview

Set yourself up for PreSales success with PreSales Foundations. This 4-week course equips you with the essential to grow into a best-in-class SE. You'll graduate prepared to excel in your role and build a successful sales engineering career.

Key Benefits

  1. Develop Competency and Expand Your Knowledge: Develop the skills and competency to deliver engaging demos, present using stories, and handle objections effectively.
  2. Increase Contribution and Impact: Increase team member contribution (more revenue), broaden their impact, and accelerate their careers through improved competency.

Course Details

  • Duration: 4 weeks
  • Meeting Schedule: Virtual sessions twice a week with async learning and exercises in between
  • Expert Facilitators: Led by highly-regarded, tenured Presales Leaders

Who Should Attend?

  • Early-Career SEs with 0-2 years of experience that want to build or refine their presales toolkit
  • Presales Teams looking to create a universal understanding of presales concepts and align on industry best practices

Meet your instructors

Liz Anderson

Liz is a seasoned leader with 12 years of experience in the industry at Slack, Copper, and Xactly.

“I owe a lot of my success as a relatively new SE to PreSales Foundations! The PSF training gave me a solid background on SE techniques and principles and provided a path to capitalize on my previous education, and my military and corporate experience.”

Steve Vuleta

Solutions Engineer, Vibes

Program Syllabus

Week 1: Developing Your PreSales Mindset and Mastering Discovery

  • The Power of Feedback: Learn to give and receive constructive feedback for continuous growth.
  • Conquering Imposter Syndrome: Cultivate confidence and overcome self-doubt.
  • Understanding the Discovery Process: Uncover the crucial steps to understanding customer needs and challenges.
  • Effective Discovery Techniques: Develop a structured approach to gathering valuable customer insights.

Week 2: Value-Based Selling Techniques

  • Crafting Value Propositions: Learn to position your product/service as the ideal solution to customer pain points.
  • The Power of Storytelling: Leverage storytelling techniques to engage your audience and convey value convincingly.
  • Answering Customer Questions with Confidence: Develop strategies for addressing customer inquiries clearly and concisely.
  • Objection Handling Mastery: Learn effective techniques to handle objections and navigate sales conversations confidently.

Week 3: Demo Delivery that Drives Results

  • Building a Winning Demo Framework: Develop a structured approach to creating compelling demos tailored to address specific customer needs.
  • Remote Demo Delivery Excellence: Master the nuances of delivering impactful demos in a virtual setting.
  • In-Person Demo Strategies with Coaching: Learn best practices for in-person demos with personalized coaching to refine your delivery.
  • Demo Dry Run: Gain valuable feedback on your demo skills through a simulated presentation in a supportive environment.

Week 4: Building Strong Relationships & Maintaining Order

  • Strategic Partnerships with Your Account Executive (AE): Foster effective communication and collaboration with your AE for successful sales cycles.
  • Building Customer Trust: Develop strategies for establishing strong and lasting relationships with your customers.
  • CRM Housekeeping: Learn effective techniques for maintaining organized customer information within a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.
  • Presales Best Practices: Discover essential practices to enhance your efficiency and effectiveness as a sales engineer.


Don't see an answer your question? Feel free to reach out to us at enablement@presalescollective.com.

What do I get with membership?

PSLC Members get access to a private slack space, invitations to endless opportunities to engage with other members and industry thought leaders, opportunities to build your brand through speaking and writing engagements and a library of exclusive resources to scale yourself, your team, and your GTM org.

Why join?

Our presales leadership community represents more than a collection of individuals – it forms an exclusive ecosystem of motivated professionals collaborate to catalyze career and organizational growth.

Within PSLC, veterans and peers who have been in your shoes share field-tested methodologies and insights. Peer perspectives are an invaluable resource for members navigating leadership or revenue decisions and initiatives. The value of those insights could be the difference between you hitting budget or earning a promotion.

Beyond the insights, the connections you make in PSLC could represent future growth opportunities - whether finding your next role, securing investments, or attracting top talent.

But all of this - the insights, methodology transfers, relationship building - is only achieved by members willing to engage openly and constructively with the community. You get out what you put in. The more active you are seeking advice, providing guidance, and fostering connections, the faster you progress.

Our members view this as an invaluable personal and professional development ecosystem - but it requires commitment and vulnerability around goals, challenges, and lessons learned along the way.

Who's eligible to join PSLC?

Eligible roles include PreSales people managers, managers of Architecture and Value teams, as well as PreSales operations and enablement leaders.

So long as your title includes manager, lead, director, VP, etc., and relates to solutions, sales engineering, presales, you should be eligible. If you're title is less clear, share your connection to presales in the application!

What do you look for in PSLC members?

We're looking for members with a growth-mindset and a willingness to engage. Professional communities are we what you make of them, and PSLC is no different. Those that want to share, learn and connect are the members that will find the most value in PSLC.

What does membership cost?

Membership costs $100/month billed annually. While we need to charge a membership fee to sustain the community, we don't want cost to be the difference between you joining or not. We have a needs based scholarship program that anyone is eligible for. Reach out to leaders@presalescollective.com for more information.

I’m looking to get the membership fee paid for by my organization. Any tips?

We've found that members have the most success when they present the memberships as both beneficial to their professional growth and to the organizations. What's the value to the organization of you making better decisions? Getting instant feedback on challenges? Getting access to industry-leading SMEs?

We wrote this justification letter to give you a headstart on getting your membership expensesd.

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240+ Certified Graduates  •  COHORT-BASED  •  4 weeks

PreSales Foundations

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