Helping Create an Ecosystem: The Future of PSC, PSLC, and PSA

2021 has been a thrilling year for the PreSales profession as a whole. And it’s also been an exciting ride for the PreSales Collective and our communities. We’ve grown to include the PreSales Leadership Collective and the new PreSales Academy - and there’s so much more to look forward to on the horizon. At the recent PreSales Leadership Collective Executive Summit, we covered our future plans for PSC, PSLC, and PSA, featuring:

James Kaikis, co-founder of PreSales Collective and PreSales Academy

Yuji Higashi, co-founder of PreSales Collective and PreSales Academy

Kevin Mefford, Head of Community at PreSales Collective

Creating the PreSales Ecosystem

What’s truly coming together is a much-needed PreSales ecosystem - resources, networks, and so on. These ecosystems are strong for our partners in sales, enablement, and operations, but until recently it’s been missing for PreSales.

What’s in this growing ecosystem? There are all the incredible new tools in the PreSales space. There are the major investments in companies like Reprise, which just got its Series B funding. And of course, there’s all the vendors, trainers, podcasts, blogs, and much more.

What’s Next

We did a lot in the PreSales Collective in 2021, and a lot happened in our world. And in 2022, we plan to push those developments to new heights.

We’ve been in build mode for 18 months. And the numbers prove that it’s paying off. We now have over 15,500 members of the PreSales Collective, 25 local chapters, 1000+ job posts, 80+ podcasts, 100+ blog articles, 100+ live events, 4 enablement courses, and 7000+ members in our PSC Slack channel. And we’re hiring 2-3 new employees by the end of the year as well.

There are a lot of things we do really well in the PreSales Collective as it exists today, and we’re delighted with the progress we’ve made. But we have a growth mindset, so we’re also always looking for ways to improve.

This year, we shifted our perspective on what we do slightly. We envision the PreSales Collective as a platform for amazing PreSales professionals doing amazing things. We want to be the ones who highlight them and give them opportunities in our Leadership Collective and our councils, and highlight their stories. And for all of our members, we want to continue to support your networking and host job events - and we want to encourage you all to lean in and engage to make the most of your experience in the PreSales Collective.

In the year ahead, we’re moving to a mechanism where people are actively signing up to present about topics where they’re experts. And you should be looking at PreSales Collective long-term - at this point, we’re well-established and thriving. We’re growing on a week to week basis and people are increasingly actively participating, which is exciting.

The PreSales Collective is also a career platform - we’re here to support you through your whole career lifecycle and journey. That’s why we’re focused on creating content for people at all stages of their careers and journeys (we’re SEs at heart, so you know we love to provide that tailored content for you!).

Our Future Vision

This Executive Summit we just wrapped up is the future of PreSales. The recurring themes we heard were around the importance of trust, empathy, and how we’re perceived by our sales peers - creating a perfect storm of growth and opportunity for our profession.

We plan to continue to do what we’ve been doing but also continue to iterate on the PreSales Leadership Collective, which is now over 300 members and still growing. Our goal is to provide a place to learn and advance if you’re not getting that at the company where you work. And our goal for the PreSales Academy is to help support those who want to get into the profession.

We have an exciting road ahead. Community demands will be incorporated into our roadmap. And we want to be held accountable - that's why we publish numbers on diversity in the PreSales Academy cohorts and want to do more.

We will maintain our continual emphasis on community, and also work to elevate the user experience across the entire PreSales Collective. That means soon in our Slack you’ll be able to offer recognition for insightful content and comments, for example. And we’re working hard to make all our resources, like our website and Slack channel, streamlined and easier to navigate. That will enable you to engage and digest the way you want to, and ensure everyone in the community has a great experience.

We love what we do, and we’re looking forward to expanding and perfecting it in the future. And we couldn’t do any of it without the support and two-way engagement and participation of the entire PreSales Collective community. Thanks for everything you contribute - your expertise, your energy, and your enthusiasm.

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The Leadership collective is a group designed for PreSales leaders in a management capacity (Manager+ title) who are looking to network, grow professionally, and actively participate.

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