The second day of the PreSales Leadership Collective Executive Summit kicked off with a powerful session on the power of community. Our speakers were:

Naz Irani, Head of Enterprise Solutions Architecture at Stripe

David Maloof, Group VP of Solutions Engineering at Salesforce

The power of community for PreSales leaders is about finding how to foster trust, respect, and a sense of belonging in the professional space for your teams. What does community mean to you? It might mean something different to everyone - your organization, your team, your colleagues and of course your employees. That’s important to keep in mind.

How Communities Evolve

Community is no longer just about where you’re located geographically. The definition has expanded and changed over time - it’s pretty broad these days for most of us. In the broadest sense, it’s about bringing together parts of a whole.

And the definition of community is also based on where we are in history and world events. During the pandemic, views of what community means, especially at work, changed drastically. In-person meetings and interactions and travel went away. And that meant a lot of people really struggled with how their communities would survive.

But community finds a way. People turned to digital channels like TikTok, Clubhouse, Slack, and Peloton. And now Meta, Facebook’s latest creation, is working to shift how we build communities too.

(And we can’t forget about the PreSales Collective, where we believe a rising tide raises all ships, even when many of our members are direct competitors.)

What Leaders Bring to Communities

What has the last 18 months been like for your employees? Probably not great. The Great Resignation is upon us, and the common theme there is that lacking a sense of community in the workplace drives employees to seek validation elsewhere. It’s starting to take its toll, and people are looking for other opportunities.

McKinsey did a study of employees who left their jobs and their leaders, and the results were really interesting. There were commonalities in why employees left jobs and leaders thought they left, like work-life balance, workload, etc. But leaders tended to assume employees left for more money and benefits, but employees disagreed. They told the researchers they left because they weren’t valued by their organization or their manager, they lacked a sense of belonging, or didn’t have a caring and trusting team to rely on. In fact, 51% said that the primary reason they left was the lack of sense of belonging.

Community is a shared group of experiences that instills a sense of being something bigger. Trying to see those experiences through the eyes of employees and closing those digital gaps is a vital task for PreSales leaders right now. We’re never going back to the way things were before, so how can we and our organizations adjust?

How to Grow a Community

Naz says the definition of community has evolved for her too. When she initially became a leader, she felt everything was on her shoulders and she needed to do everything on her own. But then she found the PreSales Collective and found people sharing such great solutions, suggestions, and mistakes made they learned from - and she finally found she was not alone in this.

Community to Naz means that every person in the community brings something. It’s not just about learning from each other and building something good today, but something we can build in the future too. We want to create something special not just for ourselves but for the PreSales teams of the future as well.

Each person has a responsibility to help power the community. Make sure you leverage this special PreSales Collective Leadership community and use it to make your jobs and lives better. At the very least, respond to one Slack thread, reach out and introduce yourself to another leader, or sign up for a roundtable and see for yourself what the power of community can bring.

Want access to the Executive Summit Event Deck? Click Here!

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The Leadership collective is a group designed for PreSales leaders in a management capacity (Manager+ title) who are looking to network, grow professionally, and actively participate.

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