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John Worrell

Head of West and Central Enterprise Solutions Engineering at Qualtrics

United States of America


10 + years of management experience in SaaS products. I like to put into practice servant leadership principles and believe that I can achieve results for my team/employer while also having a highly engaged team. I love mentoring earlier in their career managers and team members. In my current role as a leader I feel that I am in my Ikigai, or purpose, and I love it.

Open to talk about

Coaching & People Management

Diversity & Inclusion (building and adopting effective D&I programs)

Organizational Structure (roles, specialization, overlays, alignment to Sales/AM functions)

PreSales Management (strategics, tactics, tips)

Seniority Level

Leader (front-line)

Size of the Team Managed


Size of total PreSales Org


Company Size

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