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Karsten Chearis is a 2023 PSC Ambassador!

"What was your biggest demo ""fail""? What did you learn?

I joined a meeting for a demo and was not prepared. The prospect had a strategy of ""stump the chump"", and they fired off multiple questions before I could finish answering one. While my sales counterparts provided some information, they did not provide enough for us to be successful. I also did not regain control of the call and let the prospect's sporadic questions dictate the call flow. While it was a painful experience, I learned how to better work with sales to ensure adequate pre-demo information has been gathered. I also learned what to notice when a call gets out of control, and how to (respectfully) regain control.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

This doesn't sound like advice, but it was when I learned what my name means. Karsten means ""chosen"". Once I learned this and understood its significance, I was able to better handle life's pressures and uncertainties. At the end of the day, I was chosen, and as such - equipped - to get through this...whatever ""this"" entailed. It also reminded me to show that everyone is chosen, and with the right strategy and support system, they too can overcome."

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