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2022 PSLC Symposium

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Aug 2, 2022


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The 2022 PreSales Collective Leadership Symposium provides a diverse array of topics and engaging conversation around cutting edge thought leadership and technology in the PreSales space.

Each session was jam-packed with information and best practices to help you in your role as PreSales Leader and to elevate the PreSales profession as a whole.

In case you missed even a second of the Symposium, you can access the recordings of all sessions below!

2022 Leadership Symposium Welcome & Kickoff with James Kaikis, Kevin Mefford, and Shawna James

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Developing a Personal Brand for PreSales Professionals with Devin Reed

It’s a fact - social selling is here to stay, whether we like it or not. 78% of salespeople are using social media to outsell their peers. 9 out of 10 candidates will apply to a job when a company has an actively maintained social presence. And 70% of employers use social media to screen people during the hiring process. Personal branding is too important for anyone in PreSales to ignore. Click here to watch the opening keynote on a very insightful topic featuring Devin Reed, head of Content Strategy at Gong‍ 

Disrupting the Pipeline: How to source and retain amazing candidates - Hiring 101/102

Hiring great people to join your PreSales team is a challenge these days. Talent pipelines are small, competition for top talent is fierce, and open roles are numerous. Watch this replay to learn the best tips on how to source (and keep) the best talent for your team. Featuring: 

Tom Banton, Global VP of Solutions Engineering at Eightfold 

Stephanie Day, Senior Director of Solution Consulting at Snow Software

Naz Irani, Head of Enterprise Solutions Architecture at Stripe 

Andy Trevino, VP of Solutions Consulting at Braze

The New PreSales Org: Designing for 2023 and Beyond

The world PreSales professionals and leaders operate in is shifting constantly - and fast. How can leaders help their teams and organizations to keep up with all of this change? We tackled the topic with the help of our panelists: ‍

Tina Phillips, Director of Global Enterprise Solutions at ADP

Lee Johnson, Director of Sales Engineering for Virtustream

Ryan Lavallee, VP of Solution Engineering at Salesforce 

Marjorie Abdelkrime, Senior Leader of Migration Success at Amazon Web Services‍

How to Scale PreSales when more People isn't the Answer

Scaling in PreSales is a popular topic of discussion these days - but how can you scale without hiring more and more people? Figuring that puzzle out is the secret to success. Watch this session with Garin Hess, CEO and cofounder of Consensus.

Applying Product-led Growth in the Full Customer Life Cycle

Product-led growth has become a huge source of excitement - and sometimes anxiety - for SaaS businesses these days. But it’s so much more than just offering a free trial to get prospects in the door. There’s a lot to consider, and PreSales has a big role to play in making PLG a success. You won’t want to miss this session with Paul Vidal, VP of Solutions Engineering at Reprise 

The Demo Environment Conundrum: Simplified

The demo environment is a complex, fragile, expensive part of your PreSales organization - but you also can’t close deals without demos. How can you simplify the demo environment without sacrificing efficiency? Watch this session hosted by Jonathan Friedman, CEO and Founder of Demostack and Bryan Rowland, Director of Solutions Architecture at BlueVoyant

Managing Organizational Shifts through Acquisitions and Mergers 

In today’s fast-moving environment, more and more PreSales professionals and leaders are experiencing multiple acquisitions and mergers throughout their careers. Dealing with these transitions can be stressful.  Watch this session with our‍ panelists:

Ashley Gunderson, Manager of Sales Engineering at Blend 

Bonnie Alexander, Manager of PreSales at BotKeeper

Chris Browne, Director of Solutions Consulting at Lattice 

Jeff Stewart, Vice President of Sales Engineering at SolarWinds

Stop Solving and Start Empowering Your Employees

Managing the transition from being a great individual contributor to a great leader can be tough - and it’s a challenge all of us have faced. At our recent Symposium, we had an great discussion about the best way to empower employees as a brand new or experienced manager. Watch this session to hear from

Amin Ibrahim, Senior Director of Value and Solutions at Hootsuite

Alicia Cruz, Senior Manager of Solution Engineering at Salesforce

Tony Francetic, Manager of Solutions Consulting at Thomson Reuters

Katey Houseman, Director of Sales Engineering at Dynamic Yield

From Great Demo to Buyer Experience: The PreSales (R)Evolution

Being a PreSales professional used to mean mostly giving great demos. But in the past decade, the field has expanded and matured - and now we’re poised to enable great buyer experiences throughout the sales cycle too. To explain this revolution and evolution in depth, tune into this session with Matt Darrow, CEO and co-founder of Vivun

How PLG will Change the Future of PreSales

At the PreSales Leadership Collective Symposium, we had several discussions about product-led growth (PLG), the biggest trend in SaaS these days. But how will PLG change the future of the PreSales profession specifically? Our closing keynote went in-depth on what we can expect to see in the future, and how to prepare ourselves and our teams for it. Featuring:

Cortney Zamm, Senior Manager of Solutions Engineering at Sprout Social 

Scott Blacker, Global Head of Solutions Engineering at Atlassian 

Rob Falcone, Senior Director of Product-Led Sales at Guru

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The Leadership collective is a group designed for PreSales leaders in a management capacity (Manager+ title) who are looking to network, grow professionally, and actively participate.

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