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146. Coaching for PreSales Leaders w/Ross Rotherham

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Welcome to the PreSales Podcast!  Your host and PSC GM, Chris Mabry, speaks with Ross Rotherham,  Leadership Coach, PreSales Leader, holistic medicine practitioner, and much more.

The title for today's episode is Coaching for PreSales Leaders.

We will dive into Ross’s journey from holistic medicine to coaching, defining and differentiating mentoring and coaching. We unpack the different styles and uses of coaching and provide tips for Leaders to enhance their coaching using the concepts of Curious Communication: Conscious Listening, Effective Questioning, and Intentional Presence

We barely scratch the surface on Ross’s journey and how his craft can give us an incredible advantage in our business conversations and in life. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did and thank you for tuning in.

You can reach Ross here on LinkedIn:




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