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137. Becoming a World-Class SC: Pursuing Excellence (Part 1 of 6) w/ Munir Hussein

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In episode 1 of this 6-part series, Munir Hussein, Partner Technology Strategist at ServiceNow, joins host Mattie Stremic to share how he defines excellence in PreSales and various frameworks he’s learned over his career that have led to his success.

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This six-part series is designed to help Solutions Consultants of all experience levels perfect their craft and be the best in their field. Through interviews and case studies with experienced professionals, we’ll unpack real-life stories and get actionable insights into what you can do right now to become a world-class SC.

This ‘Becoming a World Class Solutions Professional’ framework was developed by Yuji Higashi as part of the PreSales Foundations program.

Host: Mattie Stremic, Head of Academy, PreSales Academy  


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